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Tokyo Shopping 2018.08.13
Yodobashi-Akiba (Akihabara) Shopping 7th Floor


Shopping for Accessories in Akihabara

Next time you come to Akihabara's Yodobashi Camera to buy electrical appliances, why not stop by the seventh floor and visit NAUGHTIAM! Not many people would expect Yodobashi to have a variety of items besides electronics, however there really is a wide range of things to buy making shopping less stressful.

🏢Akihabara Yodobashi Camera 7F
💮tax exemption when purchasing more than 5,000 yen
Some of the most exciting things about shopping in Japan is when you come across some of Japan's interesting items and inventions.
This coin purse is a good example.
JAPANKURU recommends a lot of brands, this time we wanted to focus on one that leather goods.
We went there a while ago and found some interesting things that we wanted to share!



Akihabara Yodobashi Camera 7th floor

Just out of Akihabara Station is Yodobashi Camera, one of Japan's leading complex electronics stores. The store in Akihabara has 9 floors selling everything under the sun. What's also great is that it's IMPOSSIBLE to miss! Just outside JR Akihabara Station Showa-dori Gate, you are sure to see this popular store. Yodobashi Camera is a specialty store for consumer electronics, but the 7th floor has not electronics, but stores bookstores, cafes, and general stores. Today's article we chose to focus on the Japanese accessory store NAUGHTIAM.

Japanese-esque Accessories

If you aren't looking for wallets or bags, but are looking for something. This is the best place to see what sort of accessories are popular in Japan right now. Without the mints inside, you may think this is a small wallet or something. However, it's a special leather case for your mints!! One may not be sure why it would be necessary, but it is still funny to see and could make a great souvenir. 

Mint case
2,850 yen(tax included)

Keep Your Loose Change Organized

After coming to Japan we realized exactly how many people actually use coin purses. But this one takes things to a whole new level. This takes Japanese "making things easier" mentality and way of life into a stylish accessory. The 10, 50, 100, and 500yen coins all have a little home making it easier for you to pay without having to dig around for change in your pocket or wallet. We thought this was a great item if you're just going to go to the convenient store or somewhere you don't really need your entire wallet just a few coins.

Coin case
8,424 yen (including tax), four colors
  • Small wallets with a slip for your train pass
    Small wallets with a slip for your train pass
  • Key chain wallet
    Key chain wallet

The Finest Horse Leather Wallet ⯂ CORDOVAN

This wallet is a prime example of the luxury of cordovan leather (horsehide). It's a process that requires expensive raw material value and technology. It usually costs a pretty penny. This series is made in some of the few leather processing factories in Japan. Commissioned directly by NAUGHTIAM, it's characterized by its strong durability, distinctive gloss, and smooth touch. Above all, the surprise was that you could buy one for about 20,000yen ($178).

Leather wallet
21,600 yen (including tax)

Portable Ashtray Keychains

Japan has designated areas where you can smoke in public and it is considered rude to just throw away the buds in the street. That's why many smokers in Japan have carry-on ashtrays. At first the keychain ashtrays from NAUGHTIAM looked like a place to put your candy or medicine in mainly due to all the color variations (there are 11 colors to choose from).

Ashtray keychain
2,700 yen (tax included), 11 colors

Made in Japan Leather Accessories

There is also a well-known leather production factory in Japan! Founded in 1937, Tochigi Leather (栃木レザー) is a factory specializing in the production of leather in Japan. The leather-making process is very much about the combination of humidity and temperature. Even more than 80 years later they still retain the original method and natural dying. Each piece of leather will go through 20 working methods, which takes one and a half months to complete. The leather produced will also be certified by their official red label. So if you're looking for something that's produced in Japan, Tochigi Leather is for you!

NAUGHTIAM / Tochigi Leather Colorful Button
3,240 yens, 5 couleurs disponibles


- Not only Wallets! -

Water Resistant Leather Bag

This black leather bag is a part of the "waterproof leather series" 

manufactured by NAUGHTIAM themselves.
Due to it being waterproof, made of genuine cowhide (bovine leather), 
you can spot the difference between artificial leather.

y Water Resistant Bag
25,999 yen (including tax)
  • Style 1
    Style 1
  • Style 2
    Style 2
  • Style 3
    Style 3

Smaller, Portable Bags

  • Bag in Bag is a large size pouch made of a mesh material.
    We thought it worked really well when organizing your items or traveling.

    Bag in Bag pouch
    2700 yen (including tax)
  • Many guys here in Japan have light and simple canvas bags.
    If you've see some and like em, you can get em here!

    Side bag
    3,564 yen (including tax)

Name Brand Collaborations

NAUGHTIAM is an original Japanese brand, but it also released products collaborating with famous brand overseas. Like the currently super popular bag brand in Japan, Manhattan Portage. 

Where is the collaboration part? It's in the "mint" color. The minty color is one of the brand colors of NAUGHTIAM. The shop clerks told us that it's often used for self-made items. So when you open say a Manhattan bag, you can see the nonwoven mint colored lining expressing the brand collaboration.


- Free Engraving Service -

If you buy a leather accessory at NAUGHTIAM, you can even get it engraved free of charge! You are allowed anything using the Roman alphabet and/or numbers, so get creative! Usually you have to pay extra for this type of service, but after finding out NAUGHTIAM does this for free, we got decided to get a special engraving of our own❤

  • Just fill in the text
    Just fill in the text
  • Get it engraved
    Get it engraved
  • And your personalized wallet is ready!
    And your personalized wallet is ready!
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