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Tokyo Shopping 2018.08.07
Get duty-free and tax-free in Tokyo even if you live here!

Duty Free Shopping in Japan
Get Brand Products at
Duty Free Price inside Tokyo!
Duty Free Tokyo Giza Store

Japan sells all sorts of Japanese and international luxury brands, and many times you put off buying things just in case you find a better deal elsewhere. However, 9xs out of 10 you get to the airport and it's too late because by that time you are more concerned with getting to your gate and catching your flight. 
Which is why JAPANKURU wants to introduce an IN CITY duty-free store that you can easily find in the fashion capital of Tokyo, Ginza. It's important to mention that even if you live in Japan, you can get duty-free deals here!!! So read more below~~~

🏢8 & 9F of Tokyu Plaza Ginza
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⏰Weekdays - 11:00~9:00pm
Sat, Sun, Holidays - 11:00~9:00pm
Holidays depends on Tokyu Plaza Ginza
🚉Nearest Stations: Ginza Station Exit C2 - 1min walk
Hibiya Station Exit A1 & Yurakucho Station Exit A0 - 2min walk
JR Yurakucho Station - 4min walk​
  • Opening in 2016, the landmark TOKYU PLAZA GINZA is a glitzy sophisticated commercial facility aimed at the younger generation. Normally the rooftop garden is the must-see spot but on the 8th and 9th floors, you'll find an airport-type duty-free shop.
    The LOTTE Duty Free store is separated into two floors, international and Japanese cosmetics on the 9th floor and accessories and clothing boutiques on the 8th.
  • LOTTE Duty Free Ginza 9th floor
    LOTTE Duty Free Ginza 9th floor
  • LOTTE Duty Free Ginza 8th floor
    LOTTE Duty Free Ginza 8th floor

LOTTE Duty Free Tokyo Ginza


  • Jo Malone, England's perfume and scented candle brand
    Jo Malone, England's perfume and scented candle brand
  • Shiseido's new 24h Defense Mist Duo, Japan's limited design
    Shiseido's new 24h Defense Mist Duo, Japan's limited design
Like mentioned above, you'll find a lot of international name brand beauty products. Some you may have heard of before, some you may see for the first time. Many brands, say GivenchyJo Malone, and De La Mer are sold worldwide so you may think that it isn't necessary to buy anything from those type of brands. However, you are VERY likely to find "limited in Japan" products for sale here. Which is why, aside from the duty-free price, it's worth taking a look at brands you may even find in your home country.

Then for you Asian beauty fans, there are some of Japan's and Korea's top cosmetic brands sold! 
Brands like Shiseido and SK II are a given, but even some brands we've never heard of like Three, IOPE, and WHOO are sold. LOTTE is originally a Korean company, is it's no wonder they would have the best of Asia's skincare and cosmetics.
  • Korean beauty brand Whoo fuses traditional Korean royal beauty secrets
    with modern science to make products that not only cover up skin flaws
    but treat and eliminate them. 
    Apparently when it comes to "K-beauty", 
    Whoo is the one to go to.

  • Japan's beauty brand FANCL products known for being reasonably priced
    but more than anything be being 
    free of all additives including preservatives 
    which makes them very popular for those with sensitive skin. 
    For those beauty cautious readers 
    that are interested in the current Asian beauty trend,
    FANCL is the way to go!

LOTTE Duty Free Tokyo Ginza



Then go downstairs and you'll find Japanese and international clothing and accessory brands such as French clothing brand LACOSTE, Japanese watch brand OMEGA, and Italian fashion brand Ermenegildo Zegna (E. Zegna).
Items on LOTTE's 8th floor also offer duty-free and sale prices!

LOTTE Duty Free Tokyo Ginza


For reference, the 9th floor also has a corner called the "TAX FREE ZONE" which is different from duty-free.
It may seem self-explanatory to some, but many people actually get them mixed up. So just a small explanation differing the two:
DUTY FREE is to be exempted from all taxes (normally you won't find duty-free shops inside the city, only at airports)
TAX FREE is to be exempt mainly from consumption tax (can find tax-free stores all over Tokyo)

    So in this section, you won't have to pay Japan's 8% tax on items such as cosmetics, medicine, Japanese food,and more. These things you can also get inside the city, but if you're already there you might as well check it out and save time!
    **Since this is the tax-free section,
    you are able to take your purchases home with you right from the store!
    No need to pick it up from the airport once you leave Japan.


    To be more specific, when a new product is just about to arrive but because of the more recently introduced items, there isn't any extra display space. So rather than just getting rid of these perfectly good and new items, they move the inventory over to be sold at a lower price. So here you get an even bigger deal, gettings a discount on top of the duty-free price!


    Right behind the Gift Desk you'll find a lounge that is open to guests 
    that want to take a break and just relax for a bit.
    Since LOTTE is originally a Korean company,
    you may be able to watch popular KPOP videos on the tv there🎶

LOTTE Duty Free Tokyo Ginza


  • If you make a purchase at LOTTE Duty Free Store,
    be sure to show your receipt at their Gift Desk 
    (on the 9th floor across from the Event Zone) 
    so you get 1,000yen (roughly $10) off gift coupons!
    They are good for stores within Ginza. 

  • 📜Lotte Duty Free Gift Certificate
    - Use: Stores within Ginza
    - Present the receipt the same day of purchase to the Gift Desk
    💴20,000yen or more purchase = 1,000yen coupon
    -30,000yen+ purchase = 2,000yen coupon
    - Gifts can be exchanged once a day, only in one passport

LOTTE Duty Free Tokyo Ginza


The process of getting duty-free is really simple, just PLEASE be sure to have your passport and ticket (or E-ticket) on hand. Above we mentioned that even if you live in Japan you can get this deal, and you can! As long as you have proof that you are departing Japan you are fine.

Once you make your purchase(s), you'll receive an Exchange Ticket. Be sure to hold on to it until your departure because there is a chance you may not get your purchased items at the airport. You will pick up your things at the Duty Free Pickup Counter at Narita or Haneda Airport.

*The services are only available from those two airports

LOTTE Duty Free Tokyo Ginza

If you're planning on coming to visit Tokyo
or even if you live here,
we highly recommend checking out this one of a kind
duty-free store that is within the city.
With are 150 international/Japanese brands offered,
LOTTE Duty Free Ginza creates a new shopping style not only for foreign visitors in Tokyo but also
 to those that living in Japan going abroad!
We know next time we plan on going somewhere,
we'll be making a stop here for sure.

🏢8 & 9F of Tokyu Plaza Ginza
Google Maps
⏰Weekdays - 11:00~9:00pm
Sat, Sun, Holidays - 11:00~9:00pm
Holidays depends on Tokyu Plaza Ginza
🚉Nearest Stations: Ginza Station Exit C2 - 1min walk
Hibiya Station Exit A1 & Yurakucho Station Exit A0 - 2min walk
JR Yurakucho Station - 4min walk

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