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Prescription Glasses & Protective Eyewear in Japan

Living in the digital age, glasses have become a must-have item for everyone. Some use glasses for vision needs, some for fashion, and some people even choose to wear glasses for eye protection to not further harm their eyes. In recent years, Japanese affordable eyewear brands have moved overseas, such as JINS, OWNDAYS, etc.. Focusing on parity, Japanese design and fast optician, are starting to attract the attention of many eyewear groups. However, if you come to Japan, you may be surprised at how many people still want to experience a complete "Japan Optician Service". This time, JAPANKURU went the JINS Shibuya Branch and was able to find some interesting discoveries while shopping for some new glasses.

Giant Glasses Shop in the Center of Shibuya Center-Gai

The JINS store in the Shibuya area has 2 floors. The design of the store is designed by the architect Sou Fujimoto. It is mainly decorated with simple and clean original wood. Through three-dimensional design, visitors can come from different angles and see different expressions in the store. With a large floor-to-ceiling glass window, it is blended with Shibuya's streets, with the mirror projection on the inside walls of the store, making the store look more open. The second floor of the store is not only an optometry and glasses production area but also has a wide exhibition space. From time to time, they prepare some art exhibitions so many people come here not only to buy glasses, but also to check out some current trends. 
  • Along Inokashira Dori, JINS Shibuya is next to Mandarake Shibuya and diagonal from Tokyu Hands Shibuya.

The Best Combination of World Optical Quality and Japanese Popular Design

Most of JINS's eyewear products use thin aspherical lenses from Essilor and HOYA, the world's optical manufacturers, to overcome the distortion of the field of view. The thin and light lenses are matched with all kinds of frames designed in Tokyo giving you practical, beautiful, and stylish glasses. According to the different occasions and needs of everyone, JINS has developed a variety of different functional lenses. The products include the classic series "JINS SCREEN" for anti-blue light glasses protection, the "JINS Switch" series with a clip-on sunglasses concept. Then finally the latest "JINS VIOLET+" series that goes beyond blue light protections.
  • JINS has developed a variety of different functional lenses according to the different occasions and needs of everyone.

JINS SCREEN: Lenses to Protect You from Blue Light

Whether we like it or not, blue light is surrounding us more and more. The light with a wavelength of 380-495nm is the most energetic light in visible light, and has a high penetration rate to the glasses. Long-term contact damages retinal cells and crystals, thereby increasing macular degeneration. Therefore, anti-blue light glasses have become an inevitable increase in the number of people who require glasses. Even those with perfect eyesight are starting to buy a pair.
In response to this demand of modern people, JINS launched the anti-blue light SCREEN series, which includes 25%, 40% and 60% anti-blue light lenses that are suitable for general daily use. As for the highest level of 60%, it is designed for those who use electronics before going to bed which can effectively reduce and impact how well one sleeps.
  • JINS has launched the anti-blue light SCREEN series, which includes 25%, 40% and 60% anti-blue light lenses.
  • The 25% anti-anti-blue light lens is different from the 40% lens, which is has a more yellow tint than the 25%.
  • According to how much you use electronics a day, you can choose different levels of anti-blue light glasses or lenses.

JINS Switch: Clip-on Sunglasses Evolution 

Maybe 5 years ago, sunglasses in Japan weren't very popular. Now more and more people are starting to wear them which has brought Japan to creating many new designs. Currently, sunglasses where the lenses flip up turning into regular lenses are everywhere. Following the similar idea, JINS has developed a detachable sunglasses series "JINS Switch", which makes it easy to attach or detach lightweight sunglasses with the special magnetic design of the frame. This type of frame is available in a variety of styles, including vintage round, classic square, plain, and floral options.
  • It really is as simple and convenient as it looks!
  • Using a magnet suction design, the glasses change into sunglasses, and vice versa, in a single second!

Protection from Not Only Blue Light but Uvb and Uva

JINS VOILET+: Protection from Not Only Blue Light but UVB and UVA

This series is a new type of lens developed by JINS based on new medical research. UV rays have higher energy than visible light rays, which makes them capable of producing changes in the functioning of your eyes. These glass lenses can preserve the wavelength of 360-400nm light while filtering blue light and ultraviolet light, which can effectively help children to suppress the increase of nearsightedness. 
As a brand of glasses, JINS also regards the protection of children's vision as their own responsibility, developed the JINS VIOLET+ series of lenses, designed a frame suitable for children. It allows light to be preserved when filtering out blue light and ultraviolet light, which is good for children to help prevent nearsightedness.
In addition to these three series of products, there are many different design style frames in JINS Shibuya, such as the recent frame series with the stationery brand PAPIER TIGRE.
  • The AIRFRAME series, which is super-extensible and light! They're made to fit the face perfectly.
    Being so light, the frames aren't stiff like other fashion glasses.

Getting Your Glasses Is Simple and Quick! Get it within 30mins!

With JINS having many stores overseas, it is likely that many of you have been there before. If you haven't, you don't need to be nervous. It's such an easy process and takes no time at all.

Step 1 - Pick the frame you like

JINS has a variety of frames to choose from. Most general frame with ordinary lenses cost 5000yen (excluding tax). If you want to add special features of the lens, it is an added 3000 to 5000yen. After deciding, go to the counter to check out!

Step 2 - Vision test

Since there are so many foreigners that come to JINS to buy glasses, JINS changed the eyesight chart to a more user-friendly one. Japan normally uses circles and you have to say which side of the circle is open (left, right, up, or down). However, only at JINS do they do they roman alphabet!!! It makes things SO much easier!! They have multilingual staff too so there is no need to worry about a language barrier.

Step 3 - Confirm the desired frame and lens

When the clerk has all the information needed, the frame and lens selected will be placed in a small red box for the customer for confirmation.

Step 4 - Waiting

If what you got is in stock, the glasses can be picked up in as little as 30 minutes. Of course, it depends on the number of customers coming to the store along with the volume of the lenses used. During the waiting time, you can wander around Shibuya and come back, or you can wait in the store.

Step 5  - Fitting

The new glasses that our of our team members chose were finished! When trying on, pay attention to whether there is any problem such as fuzziness or tightness of the frame. If there are still some adjustments needed to be made, you can tell the staff. If there is nothing wrong, you can leave with your new glasses!

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