Shop at Yokohama Mall JOINUS to Get a One-Day Train Pass and Travel around Kamakura and Enoshima

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Kamakura Sightseeing for a Day!
  • Yokohama is known for being Japan's first port to open Japan up to international trade. Its atmosphere is completely different from Tokyo, primarily due to Western influence. Not far from there are Kanagawa Prefecture's famous Kamakura and Enoshima. Kamakura is a popular spot for many who mainly come to see the Great Buddha. It's old historical streets and shrines everywhere gives you a sense of Kamakura's laid-back vibe. Hop on a train and within minutes you'll reach the Shonan regions small island Enoshima. Despite being so close to each other, the different ambiance is surprisingly big. Only an hour from Tokyo, the beaches at Kamakura and Enoshima are the closest beaches making it the place to go to during the summer. With a lot of things to do, eat, and see in the area Kamakura and Enoshima are a perfect one-day vacation destination from Tokyo. 

🛍️ Shop at Yokohama Mall Joinus to Get a Free Transportation Pass 🎫​

JOINUS is a large shopping mall in Yokohama. The location is excellent and the stores are filled with current trends internationally and in Japan. For example, stop by for a bite at a neat restaurant that has a camping theme, camp express. Find interesting accessories at COTOMONO MARCHE. Then there is a store that sells miscellaneous goods used in everyday life such as fashion, interior goods, and kitchen supplies but has a little bit of a comical flare, George's. Along with many clothing, beauty reality, restaurants, coffee shops, and souvenir stores. 
Why mention these places though? From August 20, 2018 to February 28, 2019, all purchases from JOINUS stores that are over 1000yen, and are presented to the tax-free counter the same day will get a free travel train pass! This special one-day train pass will allow you to ride any station along the Enoshima Electric Railway (Enoden) that starts in Kamakura as much as you want for that day! With this ticket, you'll be able to go to popular Kamakura and Enoshima spots like Hasedera Temple, Enoshima Sea Candle, and Enoshima Aquarium. (Please read the conditions below)

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⏰Opening hours: Shops 10am~9pm / Restaurant 11am~11pm
*Business hours depend on the shop/restaurant. Please confirm on the official website.
💮Tax Free Counter on B1 (B1 Tax Free Counter is the bottom right of the picture)
💻Official website (ENG)


 Participation Info
🚂STEP ❶ Present your ⓵JOINUS receipt of a purchase over 1000yen the same day of purchase and ⓶this JAPANKURU JOINUS article to the tax-free counter at JOINUS.
🚂STEP ❷ You'll get the train pass Noriorikun (のりおりくん) at the counter!!
🚂STEP ❸ Use Noriorikun (のりおりくん) and ride the entire Enoden line (from Kamakura St. to Fujisawa St.) the whole day!
 Important Notes: 
・The number of tickets are limited, event ends once tickets are gone.
📅Period: 8/20/2018 until 2/28/2019
・ Only 1 ticket per person
・Regardless of the amount paid, 1 receipt = 1 ticket

🚂STEP ❶ ジョイナス内店舗にて「当日購入・消費した1,000円以上レシート」と「本JAPANKURU記事画面」を免税カウンターにて提示
🚂STEP ❷「のりおりくん」を免税カウンターにてにてGET!
🚂STEP ❸ のりおりくんを使って、江ノ島・鎌倉を繋ぐ江ノ島電鉄を使って1日エンジョイ!

・ 数に限りがあります、なくなり次第終了。
📅 期間:2018年8月20日〜2019年2月28日まで
・ 乗車券交換1人付1枚まで
・ 領収書一枚付き、乗車券1枚のみの交換となります。
Hokokuji, Great Buddha of Kamakura, Tsurugaoka Hachimangu
Hokokuji, Great Buddha of Kamakura, Tsurugaoka Hachimangu

Many Japanese often refer to Kamakura as the Kyoto of Eastern Japan due to its number of temples, shrines and historical monuments. As mentioned above, Kamakura is primarily known for the Great Buddha of Kamakura (鎌倉大仏, Kamakura Daibutsu), but is so much more to be done and seen! Like the bamboo forest Hokokuji (報国寺)  or the tunnel of red torii at Tsurugaoka Hachimangu (鶴岡八幡宮). One thing many people do not realize is Kamakura is filled with hiking trails. Now that fall is here, Kamakura is also one of the most popular places to see the autumn foliage in the Tokyo area. 

  • Bath bombs at JOINUS's Lush
    Bath bombs at JOINUS's Lush
  • Mystic street along a hike in Kamakura
    Mystic street along a hike in Kamakura
Kamakura is definitely a place that is worth visiting. And to think that only spending 1000yen (roughly a little less than $9) can get you a day pass to ride the train all around and see all these places! After trying it for ourselves we are glad we took the deal. 
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