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Tokyo Shopping 2015.10.28
There's a dedicated sporting goods shopping street just 10 minutes from Akihabara Station! From running shoes, sportswear, items for general sports, camping and hiking gear everything is up for sale at L-Breath.
L-Breath (Outdoor Supplies Store)
L-Breath (Outdoor Supplies Store)
Tokyo is literally a concrete jungle with stashes of greenery hidden here and there and for those more in tuned with nature a short weekend trip outside of Tokyo to the countryside is a must. Recently, a craze has come over the residents of Tokyo. Sports items have grown in popularity.  More and more people are wanting to get up, get active, and explore outside of Tokyo. If you also want to experience the craze, we recommend visiting L-Breath in Ochanomizu, Tokyo. Take a walk along the sporting goods shopping street here in Jinbocho! Wow! So this is where all the foreign visitors have been hiding!? (lol)
  • The perfect Camping Setup
    The perfect Camping Setup
    After stepping out of the elevator we were greeted with this scene of a luxurious Snow Peak dome tent!! Can you imagine getting away from it all with your best friend, sweetheart or family to a quiet secluded forested mountainous escape?
    Oh yeah, us too!
    The sixth floor is actually an area dedicated to the Snow Peak brand. You'll enjoy yourself merely by windowshopping!
    (Just remember to have self-control...) 
  • Variety of Dutch pots
    Variety of Dutch pots
    Different sizes for a variety of purposes, check out the selection of cookware for reasonable prices. This particular set of pots and pans are specifically made for mountain climbing use. They are lightweight, heavy duty and come in a variety of sizes to be easily carried.
  • A variety of cute items for camping
    A variety of cute items for camping
    Check out this Smile LED Lantern that's actually a quite useful light to be used not only while camping but after you return home as well. 
  • Let's go camping!
    Let's go camping!
    In front of a roaring log fire, holding a cup of freshly brewed coffee, chatting around together! The members of JAPANKURU also want to go camping! L-Breath is an outdoor supplies store to satisfy everyone's dream!
Ochanomizu Sports Street
Ochanomizu Sports Street
Thinking of planning a trip out to the wilderness to go camping or hiking and you're not sure where to pick up the right gear? Make your way down to L-Breath to cater to your sporting goods needs. 

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NameL-Breath (Outdoor Supplies Store)
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