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Whether it is a Japanese brand or an international one, having a store located in Omotesando is a must for any top fashion industry. You may have noticed that Japanese people have a high love and interest in fashion brands so if you are a brand in Tokyo you are obviously loved by the community.

💀★The Latest Clothing Line Made Famous from Tennis★💀

This time JAPANKURU wanted to share an Italian brand that changes your view of what sportswear really is, Hydrogen. As you know, "hydrogen" is a chemical element primarily known for being the main use of fuel, which may have a connection to the brand's hope of sustaining the fashion industry.

💀★​Japan's Fashion Hub★💀​

Omotesando is not only a major area in Tokyo for high-quality boutiques but also a place to see some of Tokyo's most interesting and unique architecture. The brand we are focusing on today Hydrogen is located in Omotesando Hills which is one of Omotesando's most famous buildings. Inside this 820ft (250m) building are various upscale shops. Combining a shopping center and modern art building, the unique and refined atmosphere is a place where tourists and Japanese alike visit when they come to Omotesando.
  • The 6 floor building Omotesando Hills 

  • Hydrogen is on the 2F of Omotesando Hills

💀★Hydrogen as a Brand★💀

Hydrogen is a worldwide famous brand in Italian Luxury Sportswear. Originally a tennis player that got injured, Alberto Bresci turned his life more towards fashion designing with his friend whose parents owned a fashion industry. The brand created, Hydrogen, was found in 2003 which started off with a special focus of tennis wear but now has evolved into also being a lifestyle brand. This brand is the first Italian brand to establish a new genre called "luxury sportswear."

  • Sportswear yet it combines fashion and functionality

  • Hydrogen worked with a number of brands such as 
    Automobili Lamborghini and Duvetica

💀★A High-Quality Brand Made for Comfort★💀

Looking at the brand, sportswear does not automatically come to mind but that is exactly what Hydrogen goes for. In recent years, sportswear has been more popular but more and more it is sometimes considered too casual. So it is a brand like Hydrogen that takes the functionality needed for sportswear and combines it with a more fashionable, bold look. In recent years, sportswear has been more popular but its brands like Hydrogen that and sportswear that used to be considered too casual is now a fashionable attitude. Just being fashionable is not enough though, the excellent performances from the craftsmanship and functions of Italian craftsmen makes the brand stand out even more.

  • Hydrogen is a blend of sports and luxury

  • Only at Omotesando store classic skull t-shirt

  • Also includes a women's & kid's line

💀★Known for Its Bold Designs★💀

When you think about Hydrogen being a tennis, and now also golf, sportswear brand, you can imagine that their clothes are definitely noticeable on tennis courts. The skull logo for one thing, but the tennis line also features some bold designs. Comparing the Hydrogen tennis collection to more "traditional" tennis clothing, you can definitely say the Italian brand is more out there. With things like lightning bolts, stars, skulls, camouflage colors the brand has brought something new to the sports world challenging the current fashion standards. One of their jackets that they are proud of is the black jacket with stars and skulls in the picture below, which is a collaboration with Duvetica.

  • Signature logo of skulls

  • and stars!

This fashion sportswear brand Hydrogen is not only popular in Japan but also in other parts of Asia and the west. If you are looking for something functional yet stylish, check out the Hydrogen Omotesando store!

💀Hydrogen Omotesando Brand
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⏰Mon~Sat 11am~9pm
Sunday 11am~8pm

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