100 years of history! A Traditional Department Store in Tokyo!

Tokyo Shopping Departmentstore 2015.11.02
Milan - Paris - New York - Tokyo are some of the leading fashion cities in the world! When you mention Tokyo and fashion in the same sentence, it all begins with GINZA! Take a look at the highly accessible Shopping mall Mitsukoshi Ginza.
Re-invented Style
Re-invented Style
In Ginza, there's a century-old history department store known as Mitsukoshi Ginza. This powerhouse has stood the test of time and still does well to represent Japanese fashion, trends and popular culture. To keep up to date in the rapidly changing times, Mitsukoshi Ginza would have an interior renewal every quarter on a regular basis to provide customers better service.

[Foreign Customers' Service Counter] is a concentrated place for all services for foreigners.
After any purchases or if you have any questions, just come here for help!

[Foreign Customers' Service Counter]
Start on September 2, 2015
Place: B1F
Open Hour: 9: 00~20:00 

- Tax exemption
- Multi-language shopping Advisory Services
- Tourist Information for foreigners
- Foreign currency exchange

# Mitsukoshi Ginza
With the concept of "This is Japan," the building sits at the intersection of Ginza-4-chome! Even as time passes around the building you'll notice it never gets old. Instead it retains its traditional, not old-fashioned style.

  • # PREMIUM BEAUTY by Panasonic
    # PREMIUM BEAUTY by Panasonic
    A sample of some products you'll find in this massive mall:

    Panasonic, a prestigious brand enjoyed overseas as well as its place of origin, Japan.
    Panasonic EH-CNA96 / EH-NA96 Nano water ion hair dryer, remains highly popular!!

    Let's browse some the selection of "Panasonic Beauty."
  • Arm yourself with a secret weapon for stubborn hair #Winning
    Arm yourself with a secret weapon for stubborn hair #Winning
    For daily washing, conditioning, and drying, a good hairdryer is also necessary! Its Nano-ionized water can nourish and heal damaged dry hair!
    Hair dryer EX-XD10
    30,000 yen + tax
  • # Smooth and firm facial lines
    # Smooth and firm facial lines
    The 3 modes of this device will help with a lot of common facial problems. Mode 1 , "Facial line mode". Through ultrasonic vibrations, a very fine skin massage is applied that helps to make firmer facial lines. Mode 2 , "Acne mode" utilizes ultrasonic vibrations to get rid of the accumulation of dirt from pores and make cleaner skin. Mode 3, "Pore mode" also uses ultrasonic vibrationsto apply a very fine skin massage to help smooth the skin.

    So Refreshing!!

    Panasonic Beauty PREMIUM EH-XU10

    34,000 yen + TAX
A fashion center in Ginza for foreign tourists!
A fashion center in Ginza for foreign tourists!
In order for foreigners to have a more convenient shopping experience, Mitsukoshi Ginza keeps things new and fresh.  As of last month, "airport-like" tax-free corner has been opened on the 8th floor. How exciting seeing the evolution of department store!

Let's review some highlights!
・Renewal of Foreign Customers' Service Center
・"Made in Japan" Beauty/ cosmetics area
・ Simple but original Japanese gourmet (here)

Open Hours: 10:30 ~ 20:00
Transportation: Tokyo Metro Ginza Line / Marunouchi Line / Hibiya Line
   Directly connected to [A7, A8] exit

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