The Flagship shop of NEW ERA in Harajuku!! Are you ready?

Tokyo Shopping 2015.12.01
The brand known the world over is introducing it's flagship Tokyo store in Harajuku, the unique fashion capital of metropolitan Tokyo. Feast your eyes on a original take on street fashion well suited to the Tokyo market.
Everything about NEW ERA JAPAN!
Everything about NEW ERA JAPAN!

Ladies and gentlemen, please check your closets and let's be honest..
You at least have one New ERa team cap from your home town right?
Merchandise from NEW ERA are actually mostly designed in Japan!
So today, we're introducing you to NEW ERA® TOKYO!
Checkout the original NEW ERA CAPs!!
JAPAN limited edition caps are also making a debut!
Don't miss out if you're fans of NEW ERA!
Come on into the "NEW ERA" World!

Flagship shop of NEW ERA in Harajuku!! Are you ready?

Whatever you do, don't peel that STICKER!!

New York Yankees, Chicago White Sox, LA Dodgers, Seattle Mariners...
Let's electric slide our way into the NEW ERA TOKYO flagship shop!
  • Tokyo Originals
    Tokyo Originals

    Keep up with the lastest and greatest fashion by coppin'
    your very own unique Tokyo cap. That's right these products
    are actually limited to the Tokyo store meaning you can't get
    them anywhere else! Be the first on the block to represent

  • ©Disney/Pixar

    In a collaboration with ©Disney/Pixar, New Era is droppin'
    the cute bomb on ya'll. Are you ready?... Didn't think so, but 
    it's all good. You can still enjoy these limted time products.

  • # Series of Camouflage
    # Series of Camouflage

    The latest in the camouflage series.
    Make blending in to your surroundings a lot more stylish.

    All the boy are saying, "Oh YEA" but fret not ladies, you can
    pull off this style as well!! Beyond your imagination, these 
    products are easy to mix and match! And let's not forget 
    about matching couples...(lol)

  • Steam your cap!
    Steam your cap!

    In Japan, there are only two stores with the capability of steaming caps,
    the Harajuku and Osaka stores provide this service!
    Bring your cap here and place it on this Cap Care Machine
    for a thorough steaming! WIthin a flash, a brand new cap is born!
    Say what!? It'll be just as good as the day you took it off the shelf!
    You can enjoy this free service even if your cap wasn't bought here at
    the particular New Era shop!

  • No cap, No life!
    No cap, No life!

    Ever want to bring a bunch a caps on a trip but don't want 
    to crease them up? Well, the solution comes in a matching 
    cap case! If you're a cap-lover then 
    you probably would love to have this "cap carrier."
    Available for 2-6 caps 

    Are you cappin'? YEAA so are we!

    Cap Carrier 3,000~5,800yen + TAX

If you're in Tokyo, just drop by and 
bring your NEW ERA CAP to try this service!

[NEW ERA® TOKYO in Harajuku]
Address: 2nd Floor,  WAVE building,  3-20-9 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo

Tel: 03-6447-1810
Hours: 11:00 ~ 20:00

Homepage (Japanese)
  • # The first style~  STADIUM GIRL
    # The first style~ STADIUM GIRL

    There are various styles to choose from and all can be
    purchased in shop! Be sure to check out our blog for more information!


    59FIFTY NBA NETS White visor 5, 000 yen + TAX
    Stadium Jacket Full Patch 48, 000 yen+ TAX
    Carrier Pack 11, 000 yen + TAX 

Basic Info
NameNew Era Tokyo
Address2nd Floor, WAVE building, 3-20-9 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo
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