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Tokyo Shopping 2015.12.04
Styles come and go with the seasons, but CANMAKE always finds a way to stay ahead of the game. In there latest line, they take a dive into the bitterly sweet depths of a chocolate paradise.

Brown-tone makeup in autumn with CANMAKE!

Looking for a change of shade? The changing of the seasons provide an opportunity to showcase a new self and our recommendation for 2016 is definitely the brown series or a seasonal in brown color!

Of course, beauty and fashion trends change along with the seasons!
Similar to the IGARI makeup collection we introduced before!
Click here if you are interested! 

This time, let us share with you the latest
brown-tone series makeup from CANMAKE!

"Chocolate Makeup" or you might call it "Coffee Latte Makeup"
Like chocolate, it's bittersweet, 
Like coffee latte, it's soft and smooth.
Add some flavor to your life.

Keyword: Chocolate

Like its name, "Chocolate makeup," we are going to use a brown tone color to match the season! The gentle sweetness of a young girl, or the confident maturity of a woman let's share the charm of showing both sides of beauty! But wait....So what's chocolate makeup?

5 items from CANMAKE used in "Chocolate Makeup"
1.Perfect Brown Eyes
2.Cheek & Bronzer
3.Powder Eyebrow
4.Lip Concealer Moist In
5.Stay-on Balm Rouge
  • Perfect Brown Eyes
    Perfect Brown Eyes
    Four types    780 yen (+ TAX) each 
    If you aren't quite familiar with makeup, this set of brown-tone eye shadow is easy to use!

    But why it is that popular?
    We have summed up as the following 4 reasons.
    1. Brown-tone makeup is easy to apply.
    2. Not vanishing from the fast fashion.
    3. Suitable for natural makeup.
    4. Fits all eye types.
  • How to?
    How to?
    Using No.03 Glitter Brown

    First, apply the light brown from the bottom right color of the case on the entire eyelid widely.
    Next, apply the dark brown from the upper right color of the case on the eyeliner. 
    Then, apply the cream color from the upper left color of the case on the upper inner corner of the eye.
    Finally, apply the pearl beige color from the bottom left of the case on the lower inner corner of the eye!!
    Overall, it is done!

    Shadow! Shadow! Shadow! Can't stress it enough! The most important thing is to show the deep layers of the brown-tone eye makeup!
  • Can you see the gradation ?
    Can you see the gradation ?
    From the cream color at the corner to the light brown, then dark brown color.
    Just 4 colors, but the possibilities are limitless with "Chocolate Makeup."
    Use the included eye shadow brush to outline a softer eyeliner easily!

    Let's take a look at all 4 types of colors!
    No.01 Deep Brown
    Pearlescent sense ★★ ☆☆☆ (adequate amount of pearl)
    No.03 Glitter Brown
    Pearlescent sense ★★★★★ (premium amount of pearl)
    No.04 Sweet Brown
    Pearlescent sense ★★★★★ (delicate amount of pearl)
    No.05 Skinny Brown
    Pearlescent sense ★★★★★ (natural amount of pearl)
  • Cheek & Bronzer: 2 types  750 yen (+ TAX) each
    Cheek & Bronzer: 2 types 750 yen (+ TAX) each
    2 in 1 Blush and shadow comes together
    The biggest advantage of using the brown-tone color is its well-matched with our skin color. 
    Which helps create a brighter skin color. 

    Okay!! Now all you need is blush and shadow!
    A brighter brush and healthy shadow!

    What a great idea!
  • #HOW TO
    #HOW TO
    We are using No.02 Natural Bronze
    First, let's start with off with eye shadow! We gotta make the shade to highlight on the cheekbone and upper nose. So that it looks more natural. Next, it is the brush! We used the inverse triangle brush before. Don't worry about over-applying the shadow and blush in the same area, which leads to dry skin.
    The product is made from beauty essence.

    Highlight your makeup!

    Let see the 2 types of colors.
    No.01 Light Bronze
    A lighter color for highlighting your facial outline slightly 

    No.02 Natural Bronze
    A general color to highlight your facial outline apparently 
  • Powder Eyebrow: 4 types of colors   600 yen (+TAX) each
    Powder Eyebrow: 4 types of colors 600 yen (+TAX) each
    Two different brown colors, help you to create a soft and natural eyebrow

    If you are using your "Chocolate makeup," 
    you don't wanna leave your eyebrow in black color unnaturally. 

    Just draw your eyebrow in naturally with a brown color. 
  • #HOW TO
    #HOW TO
    Using No.15 Soft.

    Recently a straight eyebrow line has become a new trend. First, use the brush to orientate the eyebrow hair direction, then use the cotton to add the dark brown color. This time, we are not going to draw an apparent line of the eyebrow but using two shades of brown to create a soft feeling like silky softened coffee latte.

    There are other types of colors as well:
    No.12 light
    Less reddish light brown
    No.15 soft
    Natural brown contains pearlescent particles 
    No.16 natural
    General brown for everyone
    No.18 Sweet Mocha (new products)
    Light brown 
  • Lip Concealer Moist In 580 yen (+tax)
    Lip Concealer Moist In 580 yen (+tax)
    A nourishing lip concealer  
    If you want to make a better coloring before applying color on the lips, the base is very important! Most of the time, we use the general concealer but it won't work out this time. So a concealer for lips with a moisturizing ingredient can solve the problem! The theme this time is "Chocolate Makeup." And Brown-tone eye makeup already matches the theme. So a simple lip color is better to not detract from the theme! We then will use a more natural color!
  • # HOW TO
    # HOW TO
    Since it's a concealer, we aim to cover the original color of our lips. Weakening the line of the lips to make the makeup more natural. Of course, it contains the beauty essence ingredients to prevent the lips from drying.
  • Stay-on Balm Rouge 580 yen (+ TAX)
    Stay-on Balm Rouge 580 yen (+ TAX)
    Moisturizing and coloring

    When choosing the lip products, most of you only go for two types.
    Some will only be able to tell the difference between between the matte or shiny ones.
    So in other words you will choose one that functions like lip balm or lip gloss depending on the product.

    The neutral color gives an elegant impression!
  • #HOW TO
    #HOW TO
    Using No.15 Sweet Clematis
    It's Very simple! Draw an outline first then, fill up the area. Having rich moisturizing ingredients and an UV-protection function, Lip Care + Lip makeup make your lips look healthy! You might want to check the other colors!

    No.02 Smily Gerbera Bright orange
    No.03 Tiny Sweetpea A natural red
    No.05 Flowing Cherry Petal Soft bright pink
    No.06 Sweet Clematis Beige powder
    No.08 Juicy Peony Bright pink
    No.09 Masquerade Bud Scarlet
    No.10 Flowery Princess Red coral
    No.11 Raspberry Rose Fuchsia
Bittersweet like Chocolate! Soft like Coffee latte! 
A brown-tone makeup in autumn with CANMAKE is done!

Together with a new hair style!

Hope this can be your guide for an unique autumn makeup style!
  • Precious season
    Precious season
    Wow!! It is a nice season to take a walk outside!
    With autumn makeup,
    let's experience and feel the season!!
  • Precious moments
    Precious moments
    Autumn is getting shorter.
    Winter is coming! Wanna experience the fall foliage in Tokyo?
    Check it out!

  • Soak in the season!
  • Makeup 
    What does it mean to you? A reinvention of self? A new outlook on life? Confidence?

    To encounter a brand new you at every season. 
    Make sure CANMAKE is at your side.
  • Where can we buy CANMAKE?
    Where can we buy CANMAKE?
    CANMAKE is a well-known brand in Japan and you don't have to look very far to find it. For example, check out stores like Matsumoto Kiyoshi!

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