Don't Know Where To Buy Souvenirs? Here's One In Shinjuku MYLORD Shopping Centre For You

Tokyo Shopping Souvenir 2019.09.12
For many of those who come to Tokyo, surely shopping is one of the top things to do on your list. Have you got souvenirs in that shopping list? If you do, here's a perfect spot for you right next to the Shinjuku station. From really Japanese style items to more modern items, the Birthday Bar has a wide range of products!
The Birthday Bar in Shinjuku MYLORD

The Birthday Bar in Shinjuku is the place to go for souvenirs!

  • Don't know where to go or what to get?
    From foods to household items, The Birthday Bar inside Shinjuku's shopping centre can help you solve that problem!
Foodie Treats!

Cute Packagings

The Birthday Bar sells a variety of gourmet products, including sweets and condiments, in cute containers and wrappings.
  • Sweet caramel popcorn is a hot topic among young Japanese people.
    There are the standard chocolate and strawberry flavours as well as matcha flavour popcorn.
    Definitely the store's top seller!
  • Any of the items purchased in the store can be gift wrapped, or decorated in a gift box with a cute ribbon around it.
  • There are also these cute seasoning like sugar and slats inside these animal-shaped jars.
    Some have flavours like chocolate sugar and porcini mushroom salts or caramel flavour sugars.

    They do offer a variety of savoury foods like veggie udon noodles and freeze-dried miso soup in cute fish-shaped mochi wafers. 
Items for daily use

Cute Japanese-sized items

From water bottles to waffle makers, all these items in a cute small size.
  • 120ml thermal flask.
    A nice size to fit into the work bag that you carry around all the time, or even your pocket.
  • Perfect single serving size waffle makers with different patterns.
  • Aromatic soaps bars on a popsicle.
Japanese style items

Items like chopsticks and sake glasses are already unique items on their own. If you add a little twist to them, they definitely will be a unique souvenir.

  • Hyozaemon chopsticks come in a set for couples and with the cute Mount Fuji chopstick rest, they make a good Japanese souvenir.
  • Mount Fuji Sake glasses are also a cute item to take back home. The glass looks give it a nice cool feeling. You can even use them to serve your bite-size appetisers in them.
  • Character dishes like these snoopy ones are also nice items on their own, but having Japanese patterns and pictures drawn on them makes them extra special.
Of course, they have more than what we've just introduced, so go and have a look at their store or visit their online store for other interesting products.

Open Hours: from 10:00 to 21:00
On the second floor of Shinjuku MYLORD
at 1-1-3 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku, Tokyo 160-0023 (Map)
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