Recommended Souvenirs From Fukushima, Sake, Traditional Sweets and More

Tohoku Shopping Fukushima 2019.10.01
What kinds of souvenirs can you think of from Fukushima? This time I will introduce you my top three recommendations from the famous ones to the not-well-known ones!
Yubeshi at Kannoya
  • Kannoya 【かんのや】
    A traditional Japanese confectionary shop with 100 years of history.
    At this shop, they sell Fukushima's famous "Yubeshi"【柚餅子:ゆべし】.
    Yubeshi is a kind of confectionery that uses either Yuzu (Japanese citrus) or walnuts as the main ingredient. It was originally a kind of preserved food but later turned into Japanese confectionery (Wagashi, 和菓子:わがし).
    Yubeshi can be found in many places around Japan, but the ones in Tohoku region mainly use walnuts and has a hint of soy sauce flavour.
  • Here, you can try the different kinds of Yubeshi before you buy them.
Kannoya is famous enough that if you ask a person in Fukushima what is the famous local specialty, most of the time Kannoya will be on the top of their list. That's how famous they are.

Their most famous confectionery is their Kaden Yubeshi【家伝ゆべし:かでんゆべし】, which is their most traditional flavour.

Cafe and workshops are also available

Kannoya has eight stores across Japan and at the main store here in Fukushima, they have a cafe where you can sit and enjoy their confectionery.
  • You can eat the items you've purchased in the store in the cafe as well.
If you want to make your own Yubeshi at their workshop, the store in Koriyama station will be the one to go to. The shapes of Yubeshi look very simple and easy to make, but you will see how the skills come into place when you make your own and you know that you have to make them all exactly in the same shape and sizes.
  • Make your one and only Yubeshi here. Steam them for about 20 to 30 minutes and they are ready.
  • The process is actually simple than I thought it was going to be.

    Do mine look like the ones that the person from the store made?
  • The main store has wider variety of flavours, being the best stor to go to buy your souvenirs.
- Main Store (Honten Bunsuke)
Address: 39 Tamiyakida, Nishitamachi Ota, Koriyama, Fukushima 963-0911
Open Hours: 9 am till 6 pm Monday to Sunday

- Koriyama Station Store inside Omiyagekan
Address: 195 Hiuchida, Koriyama, Fukushima 963-8003
Open Hours: 8 am till 8 pm

Official Website
Crimson Glory Vine Jam at Abukuma-do
If you're coming to Fukushima, definitely come and visit Abukumado in Tamurashi to see the limestone cave and come visit their shops and the restaurant. You will find the crimson glory vine jam here at the shop. Not familiar with crimson glory vine?
It is a kind of wild grape and is generally sourer than the usual grapes that you will have.
There are also other options for souvenirs here as well.
  • Of course, the caves are amazing here as well so don't forget to come and see that as well.
Abukumado Limestone Cave
Address: 1 Higashikamayama, Takinecho, Sugaya, Tamura, Fukushima 963-3601
Open Hours: 8:30 am till 5 pm
Official Website
Local Sakes of Minamiaizu

Come and try the local sakes at Minamiaizu

In the west of Fukushima, south of Aizu is where Minamiaizu is located.

Aizu Shuzo, "Aizu"

The sake called Aizu, just like the local area, uses water from 60 meters below ground level, where natural mineral water flows, results in a smoother texture and sweetness. 

Hanaizumi Shuzo, "Roman"

Using rice and water sourced from the local Minamiaizu, the gentle flavours will match may kinds of dishes.

Kaito Otokoyama Shuzo, "Kashiwadaru Chozo Daiginjo"

This one looks like it's in a wine bottle, but this is because the sake has been aged in an oak barrel, giving the sake a wonderful aroma making it different from any other kind. It is more of a dry sake.

Kokken Shuzo, "TEFU"

If you like more of the sweeter sake, this one will be your choice.
Want to know more about Aizu area? Here is a website where you can search more about Aizu.
Aizu Concierge 
When you come to Fukushima next time, try my recommendations and let us know how you think about it!
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