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Tokyo Shopping 2016.01.07
Having a confidence in their own style, a brand for people to pursue a style you cannot imitate sums up "niko and ..."
  • Japanese Lifestyle shop niko and ... TOKYO
    Japanese Lifestyle shop niko and ... TOKYO
    Full of personality, it seems like a city of true fashionistas, somehow, in some places, it has fashionably set it's place in the stars. "Harajuku", a town where individuals can express the unique and bohemian fashion, walk down the road in eye-catching manner. In the midst of this area, a 7 minutes walk from Japan Railways Harajuku Station, the shop is located within a 2-minute walk from Meijijingumae" 

    "Niko and ... TOKYO"
  • # 45 DAYS SHOP
    # 45 DAYS SHOP
    Have you ever witnessed an entire shop transform before your very eyes? Imagine a shop that changes every 45 to 60 days. dramatically renovating it's interior and products offering you fresh styles, new looks and an overall new atmosphere for you to drop into. The concept of "niko and ... TOKYO" is to edit the store just like a magazine, constantly changing to emphasize what series is featured
  • The frequent EDIT
    The frequent EDIT
    After entering the store, the renovation of the shop we saw was featuring the "PERFECT GIFT SHOP", implemented at the time. A GIFT proposal for men, and a GIFT proposal for the Women as well. The "MEN'S store" on the right...
  • The frequent EDIT 2
    The frequent EDIT 2
    ..And the Women's shop on the left, both have been clearly arranged. Entering a shop like this makes you wonder, "what will be the next theme?" Similar to waiting for a magazine's next issue to come out or a new addition to your favorite movie series, You'll also think, "I wonder if they are enjoying planning it?" I love a shop where there's always something new to exceed expectations each time you go!
  • Fashionable, 1F
    Fashionable, 1F
    Apparel dominates the first floor, with the addition of a small cafe, bookstore and space to relax on some cleverly placed couches. The entire shop is however comprised of two floors. As we make our way to the second floor take notice of the clever and attractive design of the shop. Can you feel the inviting atmosphere!? Let's venture upstairs!
  • Life & Taste, 2F
    Life & Taste, 2F
    The second floor has an array of items, including restaurants, plants, and interior furnishings. A completely different atmosphere from the first floor, so it's like walking into a new store. Just when you were getting tired, you're refreshed and sucked back in! 
  • niko and ... TOKYO LIMITED
    niko and ... TOKYO LIMITED
    Colorful tote bag.
    Simple & easy to match any style and design, it is a popular bag just the right size and light. Making choosing just one color more difficult than ever.

    3,800 yen + TAX
  • All Kinds of Great Miscellaneous Goods
    All Kinds of Great Miscellaneous Goods
    Ever find yourself waking into shops and collecting things to decorate your home in your own unique way? Well when you walk into niko and... you'll definitely not leave empty handed. In addition to fashion accessories, household goods and stationery, there is a very generous selection of household goods. Faced with this presentation of goods, the real trouble is deciding on what not to buy...
  • Keep yourself charged up
    Keep yourself charged up
    We're not only talking about the free outlets provided by the cafe that can be used to charge your mobile devices, but also charge your body and soul. Nothing says shopping like a fresh cup of coffee in the morning to boost your shopping energy. While kicking back, relaxing and enjoying the delicious coffee, you can also browse the internet without worry using the free WI-FI.
  • navarre Lunch
    navarre Lunch
    Pay the second floor restaurant navarre a visit when you go to niko and... and prepare your taste buds for healthy balanced meals. There are vegetable dishes made with organic ingredients, and nice freshly baked pies too! For a main dish, you have a choice of meat or fish, and two types of sides make up this hearty lunch. Mouth-watering isn't it?


Cycling to Shibuya anyone?

Another service of niko and ... TOKYO, are bicycle rentals 1,000 yen for 3 hour bike rentals, it's possible to free wheel your way across Tokyo with the ease of being in Harajuku. Something that seems very popular with foreign tourists.

From Harajuku to Shibuya and Shinjuku, it's fun to try to make rounds on the electric cycle at Yoyogi Park. This is an ultra-recommendation!^^

Hours: 11:00 to 18:00

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Relax over a cup of coffee in the cafe, surf the web with FREE WI-FI, and Facebook till you can't Facebook any more. Take advantage of the TAX FREE merchandise, ···or just enjoy the deals @

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Address: Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 6-12-20 1F · 2F

Tel: 03-5778-3304
Sales: 11:00 to 22:00
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