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Tokyo Shopping 2016.01.14
Winter season is upon us, but with select items from Lumine Est Shinjuku you can produce an winter fashion with accessories and much more !!^^

Ladies and gentlemen, are you Winter Fashion ready?

Winter season fashion is the best, because of all the items that you can procure and layer up! Luckily for us LUMINE EST is the only spot that fashionistas in Japan gather to plunder the vast and stylish items out for sale. But What is LUMINE?! 
Lumine comes from the French word “luminarie” , meaning, “light” and, fusing this with the English word “illumination” we see the birth of the name, “LUMINE”. Sounds right...right?
Shall we jump ahead of the Tokyo fashion trends for this winter?
  • FW BASIC Style
    FW BASIC Style
    Being COOL, is not a choice, it's a way of life. Think you have what it takes to represent the mode style of EMODA? 
    (The left) Volume NC cable dress 7,452 Yen (tax included), Mohair SOX 2,700 Yen (tax included), Heels 11,644 Yen (tax included)

    (The right) Cross Fur Color coats 15,984 Yen  (tax included), W FACE TURTLE TOPS 6,372 Yen (tax included), PONTI Gaucho Underpants 7,452 Yen (tax included), Cylinder heel boots 13,824 Yen (tax included)
  • Lily Brown tokyo boutique (1F)
    Lily Brown tokyo boutique (1F)
    Lily Brown has become a boutique store which develops high quality vintage items  with extreme attention to detail. Lily Brown original full Line. The fashion brand, Lily Brown set the concept as vintage featured dresses, and emplores a variety of lavish arrangements in store for you to browse. For more information be sure to check out the homepage

    Lily Brown Brand Homepage (English)
  • Keeping it Chic
    Keeping it Chic
    Using the shaggy fabric of wool blends, a sweet mix with a simple no-color coat.
    Because of it’s crisp color and long length, it's easy to match with many cuts of denim!
    If you add a clutch bag and felt HAT you'll fall victim to the swag of this trend! Channeling CHIC STYLE! Woo!

    No sleeves long wool coat 19,490 yen (tax included), Three different colors (off-white orange khaki), Faux suede fringe clutch 8,172 yen (tax included), Two colors (gray Camel), Plane felt HAT 6,490 yen (tax included), Three different colors (black, beige, khaki)
  • Nice size variation & Accessories
    Nice size variation & Accessories
    ESPERANZA is your destination for the ellusive cinderella sizes of shoes you cannot find anwhere else! Esperanza isn't your everyday Women's Shoes brand. They offer great shoes at a stylish and affordable price and the best part is it's a 100% MADE IN JAPAN brand shoe shop! Whoa..

    Official website
  • YAKINIKU Boucherie: 焼肉ブシュリ
    YAKINIKU Boucherie: 焼肉ブシュリ
    "the meat is cute!" is our quote of the day by guests to the YAKINIKU Boucherie. You may be wondering what!? Well, we are too. 

    However the meat is actually pretty good! The theme seems to derive from a butchery of France, but not only in stylish appearance. And for fashionable girls there is a "grill without smoke" in order to enjoy the barbecue without taking the smell home with you !!

  • Disney Glasses!
    Disney Glasses!
    ©Disney©Disney/Pixar, MR.POTATO HEAD & MRS.POTATO HEAD are trademarks of Hasbro used with permission.© 2010 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.

    The popular Disney collection at Zoff Lumine EST! Eyewear that isn't just functional but also fashionable and casual. With a 5,000 yen, 7,000 yen, 9,000 yen, 12,000 yen (all excluding tax) price system, "Zoff" is creating a revolution in Japanese glasses market!

    Official website (Japanese)
  • ISSEY MIYAKE and others ... A Growing fashion epidemic
    ISSEY MIYAKE and others ... A Growing fashion epidemic
    TORQUE Lumine Est Shinjuku

    Popular NIXON, and SEIKO plus other Made in Japan products. The minimalist style of Japanese designer brand, "Issey Miyake" is truly one of a kind. Take your pick with these trending brands!

    Official website (Japanese)
  • Gumbo & Oyster Bar
    Gumbo & Oyster Bar
    A fabulous taste of raw oysters and experiencing "oyster shooters", are something to write home about! 
    Enjoy a great fashionable meal, enjoy Tokyo travel in a stylish oyster bar/cafe in Shinjuku ^^ Is that a sea breeze we feel?! ^^


    For more info about any of these shops definitely check out
Basic Info
NameLumine Est Shinjuku
AddressShinjuku-ku, Tokyo Shinjuku 3-38-1
StationShinjuku Station
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