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Tokyo Shopping Shinjuku station 2019.12.03
Long gone are the days of simple undershirts - Under Armour is now a major international brand, and one step into their recently opened Under Armour Brand House Shinjuku will show you just how far out on the forefront of workout and sportswear tech they are. This branch, almost within sight of Shinjuku Station, is their first global flagship, so not only do they have the latest products for Under Armour fans, but they've also got some limited-edition Tokyo items great for souvenirs, and a classroom for workout and yoga workshops that are open to everyone! While the JAPANKURU team is a mix of workout fanatics and couch potatoes, we all wanted to take a look.
Under Armour
  • With the rise of athleisure wear, Under Armour has taken its place in the daily rotation of many wardrobes thanks to their high-quality duds with a healthy dose of style. And while they definitely make some comfortable items that are great for every-day wear, their commitment to helping athletes by formulating new specialty gear is clear. Just looking through the multi-floor complex of the Brand House, we could tell, whether you're a basketball pro or just love playing a game of football with some friends, a committed weekend golfer or a morning jogger, they've got something that will improve your game and keep you comfortable while doing it! Plus, they support a pretty wide variety of athletes, from celebrities like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Tom Brady, to tons of up and coming athletes, which had us impressed.
A Brand House in Shinjuku!?
  • This major center for Under Armour is their Shinjuku "Brand House," which just opened in September 2019. The four-story building is an experience in and of itself, and really sets the stage for some of their coolest new products.

    3-26-11 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
    Hours: 11:00 - 22:00
    Tax-free services available for qualifying purchases.
    Official Website (jp)
  • With the Under Armour Brand House Shinjuku quickly becoming a destination for athletes and sports-lovers in Tokyo, they've got a big signature board on the wall for well-known visitors. Despite only being open a few months, they've already got a handful of autographs, including Welsh rugby pros who visited during the 2019 Rugby World Cup, and pentathlete Ayumu Saito, a Tokyo local.

Led Displays That Show What Under Armour Is All About

  • As a brand, Under Armour is always focused on moving foward, seeing how new technology can create a brand new experience. Just like new fabrics and sportswear construction can totally change how a workout feels, the shop's gorgeous LED floor changes the atmosphere and makes it feel like you're walking into a different century.
  • The color scheme and store lighting also make you feel pretty pumped up and ready to go. Even the most exercise-averse among our group started thinking about looking for a new workout outfit and getting started.
  • Head deeper into the first floor, and you'll even find limited-edition Tokyo goods surrounded by huge art pieces covering the walls. These fantastic ink paintings are "bujinga" (warrior paintings) done by Japanese artist Masayuki Kojo. They add so much atmosphere, you might feel inclined to pause your shopping trip to start a photoshoot instead.

Speaking of Limited-Edition Tokyo Goods...

  • Under Armour has a pretty impressive selection of these limited items, with all kinds of designs and styles. If you're an Under Armour fan looking for a Tokyo souvenir, you're bound to find something appealing.
  • Some of the special Tokyo shirts have the fantastic Masayuki Kojo paintings on them.
  • The distinctly Japanese ink-painting art style makes it a great memento from Tokyo.
  • For those with a more understated sense of style, they've got the goods for you too. This hoodie says "アンダーアーマー トーキョー", or "Under Armour Tokyo" in Japanese katakana.
  • We thought the sleek text would make it a cool part of your workout gear, or even your next everyday getup. You could also go all out and do the Japanese thing: get matching tops for you and a special someone.

Learn With the Rest of Tokyo

  • Turn right when you enter the store, past the autograph board, make your way up a little flight of stairs, and you'll find yourself in the Under Armour Brand House's studio area! Not only does this area contain a space with special sportswear pop-up shops and memorabilia, but the main room is a legitimate workout space. You can take a look whenever you want, and if you think a workout with Tokyoites sounds pretty fun, you can make a reservation on the Under Armour app (where you'll find a monthly schedule with all the classes and workshops).
  • The events in the studio can vary, from totally free yoga sessions to paid workouts from celebrity athletes and trainers. Book yourself a class with a pro while you're in Tokyo, and you'll get to see what it's like to train for the real thing. For a quick glance at the schedule, you can see the Shinjuku branch instagram. Staff mentioned that spots can fill up quickly for popular classes, so make your reservations asap!
Under Armour Brand House Shinjuku's Newest Items, and Best Sellers


  • We noticed that the Under Armour mission scrolled across the walls of the shop was "Under Armour makes you better," so we wondered just how the brand intended to accomplish that. Well, it turns out that one of the products most prominently displayed was one of Under Armour's newest innovations working in that direction, their series of RUSH gear. 
  • RUSH items apparently promote improved endurance and strength by absorbing the energy emitted by your body with mineral-infused fabric, and reflecting it back into your muscle tissue. Sounds like it really takes your workout to the next level.
  • The RUSH items are also fitted to allow room for growing muscles, and are quick-drying, meaning you won't have any uncomfortable distractions when you work out.
  • There's a pretty wide variety of products in the RUSH line. Men's and women's tops, bottoms, everything down to underwear - just look for the Under Armour logo inside a hexagonal border.

2. Recover

  • After listening to the many particulars and sleepwear preferences belonging to a certain quarter back by the name of Tom Brady, Under Armour developed their "Recover" line, designed to help athletes do just that. Between items meant for post-workout cooldowns and actual sleepwear, the Recover line helps muscles rest, relax, and repair.
  • The items are also just pretty comfy gear for normal wear. As an international group, we all thought Recover gear would be great for long-haul flights back to visit the family. Keep your muscles relaxed on the flight home, and look good doing it!
  • A few of us tried on a Recover outfit, and we could tell Tom Brady had given the product line some good direction.


  • While some of Under Armour's earliest innovation came in the shape of undershirts, some of their most recent invention has arrived in the form of HOVR sneakers! It turns out Under Armour has been taking some pretty big strides forward in the world of workout shoes, developing new running shoes, training shoes, basketball shoes, and more.
  • Staff at the shop were happy to tell us all about the different specifics for each kind of shoe, and it turns out that the HOVR running shoes have soles engineered for shock-resistant stability, taking the pressure off your knees.
  • The knit ankle collar also gives the shoe a comfortably snug fit, letting runners forget about how well their laces are tied and concentrate on the run.
  • Again on the forefront of workout tech, HOVR shoes can also connect right to the Under Armour MapMyRun app, which will then track and analyze your running metrics. Far out.
  • A member of the JAPANKURU team happened to be looking for some new sneakers when we checked out the Under Armour Brand House, and after becoming a little smitten with this pair's vivid color scheme, he went for it and bought a pair of HOVRs then and there. His thoughts? "My shoe size is hard to find in Japan, and my wide feet mean that it's even harder to find a pair that fits well on top of that. The HOVR series was nicely elastic and accommodated my feet without sacrificing support, making for a really comfortable fit!"

4. Women's Sportswear

  • The biggest Under Armour women's selection in Asia, the Shinjuku Brand House is a pretty good place to see what's new in the world of women's sportswear.
  • So many leggings options! We always thought that the different panels in sports leggings were just color blocking to create a cool look, but it turns out that the way they're constructed provides extra muscle support for better comfort and a better workout. Of course, the panels that provide side pockets are pretty vitally important, too!
  • If those leggings are calling your name, but panty lines bug you, they've got a handy solution for that as well. Their Pure Stretch no-show underwear are not only invisible under leggings, they're so comfortable it's like you're wearing nothing at all (in the best possible way). Apparently these undies are actually one of the most universally beloved Under Armour products among staff!
  • When it comes to women's wear, some of the most obvious Under Armour advances are obvious when you look at their shelf of sports bras. The wide variety of types is divided by workout intensity, plus a number of other features for added comfort (and a bit of extra style).
  • The light support bras are good for walks, and things like yoga or pilates. We were happy to see that the bras also come in a good selection of sizes!
  • Medium support for more intense strength training, or fairly moderate sports like golf.
  • High support bras provide that strong hold you need for high-intensity workouts like tennis, boxing, or flat-out running.
  • Bonus: their yoga and pilates gear is designed differently from the running or training gear - it's extra flexible!

5. Kidswear

  • Didn't think Under Wear made children's stuff? Well they sure do, and the Shinjuku Under Armour Brand House has a pretty impressive selection of the cute and comfy duds.
  • The sneakers have the same level of comfort, plus some conveniences just for kids, like velcro. (You can even get matching pairs!)
Under Armour Collaborations

Under Armour + The Rock

  • Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has been working with Under Armour for years, so of course they've come out with some pretty good The Rock products.
  • With a history of some dark times in his life, like when he was left with just $7 to his name, Dwayne Johnson has clearly made a pretty huge comeback. If you're also inspired by his motto that "it takes an iron will," you can pick up some pretty cool-looking Project Rock gear in Shinjuku.
  • Do you smell what The Rock is cooking? Because it appears to be a whole series of workout clothes, for both men and women.

Under Armour + JBL

  • For music-lovers who just want to be able to listen to their tunes while working out, JBL and Under Armour are working together to make that as easy as possible. Some of the JAPANKURU team preferred the over-ear wireless headphones, while others of us preferred the super-compact in-ear wireless earbuds.
  • After spending a while looking around the massive Under Armour Brand House Shinjuku, and hearing about some of the sports tech they're coming out with these days, we were all pretty convinced. "Today is the day," we thought "today we will get serious, and start working out for real..." as we all ended up buying some new workout clothes. While some of the JAPANKURU team have been more committed to that promise than others, we all feel pretty comfortably supported by our new gear, whether we're using it to train or just to sit on the couch. Either way, with the fantastic displays, cool souvenirs, and awesome LED floor, it was definitely a cool place to visit. Check it out, just a minute from Shinjuku Station's East Exit!

    3-26-11 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
    Hours: 11:00 - 22:00
    Tax-free services available for qualifying purchases.
    Official Website (jp)


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