Winter getaway to Okinawa! Have yourself a very Merry Tropical Vacation

Okinawa Shopping 2016.01.20
A subtropical paradise spanning 1,000km just Southwest of mainland Japan. Okinawa enjoys beautiful weather all year around and is especially cheap to travel to during the winter....

"HAISAI" (Hello: Okinawan)

〜Mensore!〜 Welcome to Okinawa!
Everyday it's seeming like it's getting colder and colder during this brutal winter.If you're tired of layering up and having your fingers and toes freeze, you can take solace in the fact that there are greener pastures just around the corner! Recently, we've traveled to Okinawa to give you an in depth preview of the fun to be had just a hop skip and jump from mainland Japan. Get your swimwear ready and let's go on another adventure!! Who's in!?

  • Is Okinawa JAPAN?
    Is Okinawa JAPAN?
    Countries are overall fairly large places and a difference of cultures is to be expected wherever you go. The same can be said for Okinawa, a chain of islands stretching 1000km long Southwest of Japan’s main island. Despite initially having it’s own culture and civilization present, Okinawa was officially annexed by Japan in 1868 during the Meiji restoration and has been a part of Japan ever since. 
  • Unique experiences: The Soul of Japan
    Unique experiences: The Soul of Japan
    If you go to the Ryukyu village you can participate in something truly special. You can use traditional Okinawan instruments to reproduce some of the most well-known songs in Okinawa. We emplore you to try to connect with Okinwan culture as much as you can during your trip. Okinawans are especially friendly and willing to help any and everyone. 
  • #Shopping! Shop, Shop, Shop, till you DROP
    #Shopping! Shop, Shop, Shop, till you DROP
    Our most important destination is on the main strip of Kokusai International Street located in the capital of Okinawa, Naha. An impressive shop called HAPiNAHA is a shopping mall catered to travelers seeking a real piece of Okinawa. Due to its location, there are many souvenirs from all over mainland Okinawa and it’s neighboring islands.

17 fun and exciting things you can enjoy in Okinawa

Okinawa is truly an amazing collection of islands! So much in fact that we've put together a list of the 17 must see/do things while you're in Okinawa. Check out the list and plan your trip today!


Don't forget to stop by HAPiNAHA while there!

Address: Naha, Okinawa Prefecture Makishi 2-2-30
Phone: 098-862-5111
Hours:10:00 to 22:00 , 2F Restaurants: 11:00 to 23:00 , 3F weekdays: 14: 00〜 , Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 13: 00〜 ,  4F~6F11: 00~21: 55 (last admission)

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AddressNaha, Okinawa Prefecture Makishi 2-2-30
StationMakishi Station
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