Prepare Your Taste buds for the Food, FUN, and Style of DAIEI Sannomiya

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In the western part of Japan's Honshu (main) island, the city of Kobe is known the world over as a famous port city....

Welcome to Daiei!

Daiei is a massive food style store dedicated to bringing you fresh food presented in a unique and fashionable manner. 
[Daiei Kobe shop]
Address: Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, Chuo-ku, Kumoidori 6-1-15 (Google)
Phone: 078-291-0077
Hours: 9:00AM〜12:00AM (Midnight)
1st & 2nd Floor Basement: 9:00AM〜12:00AM (Midnight)
2nd to 5th Floor: 9:00AM〜10:00PM
6th to 8th Floor: 10:00AM〜9:00PM
(Some specialty stores have different business hours.)
(9th floor restaurants have different business hours by the store.)
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TAX FREE break for foreigners!

The 1st floor service counter provides speedy and helpful service and after you show your receipt and passport, you can become eligible for tax exemption from Japanese taxes (8% sales tax). Follow these simple steps!

① Present the receipt and the merchandise purchased
② Show your passport
③ Sign a buyer agreement
④ Receive your cash back (Japanese Yen)!
Duty free Limits and other questions?


Recently remodeled with a fashionable design ~, the first floor of the superstore quickly captures your attention. This supermarket represents a new Japanese style of "Daiei". "Healthy", "eco-friendly", "community", are all keywords in the concept to provide products and services supporting the day-to-day living of individuals. From fresh food, you instinctively want to cook, to a cafe where you can enjoy freshly-brewed coffee. Besides these draws to the superstore, a "Botanical shop" and "juice bar" are also available offering smoothies and organic coffee for you to enjoy. 
  • The soup of the week
    The soup of the week
    The perfect planning of the layout of the store set the soup corner right next to the bread. What better choice to grab the day's special soup than with a cut of your favorite bread?

    Select from 3 types of hot soup (¥ 350 including tax), 
    Enjoying soup with some crispy bread ...YUP, still fashionable ♡
  • Enjoy Juice your way!
    Enjoy Juice your way!
    All fruits in the showcase can be used to make your own juicy creation. Super foods such as chia seed and acai are also available and encompass the health conscious concept of the juice bar. 
  • Botanical Shop
    Botanical Shop
    The Botanical shop makes sure you make all the right decisions. "Super Foods," "macrobiotics" such as "organic", and "allergen-free",  combinations make healthy choices seem trendy, and stylish.
  • Liquor & Wine
    Liquor & Wine
    Italy from France, Spain, Chile, New World ...Carefully divided into categories according to country in which it originates, let's enjoy wines from various countries. Organic wine, wine produced from organic cultivated grapes, award-winning wines, to categories such as wines produced in Japan.
  • "Dry Fruit" heaven
    Daiei's featured FOOD STYLE, dried fruit! Mango, blueberries, deep taste with sweetness, condensed figs, sold by their weight in grams. When the fruits are being stocked drop by and see if you can get some samples! ^^
  • In-house Wine Tasting!
    In-house Wine Tasting!
    Set aside nearby the wine corner, there is a wine tasting space, grabbing some of the dried fruit beforehand and tasting here is our best recommendation. Here's to more time in Daiei FOOD STYLE, Cheers!  ^^
  • Buffet style?
    Buffet style?
    Freshly stocked with various dishes to be chosen Buffet style. Dishes are paid by the weight of the amount you get so don't overdo it.^^
    Delicatessen (I want to say delicious) floor (B1)
  • Cheap lunches> _ <
    Cheap lunches> _ <
    Omelets,  hamburger, shrimp whole paella, etc., just hearing the names makes your mouth water. Variety packs for lunches great for eating on the go!!
  • More and more~!
    More and more~!
    Pack as much as you can onto your tray! ^^ How much can you bring back to the hotel? You are only limited by the amount you can carry at once.

Dine in inside of the superstore

This store has it all, right? On B1 deli floor, there's tables setup for you to enjoy the food you just purchased. In between shopping, while shopping, or whenever! This eat-in space is a great place to take a break from shopping.

Make sure you check out this unique food, style, store that has everything you need and a little more. Only at Daiei Sannomiya. 

Address: Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, Chuo-ku, Kumoidori 6-1-15 
Phone: 078-291-0077
Basic Info
NameDaiei Sannomiya
AddressKobe, Hyogo Prefecture, Chuo-ku, Kumoidori 6-1-15
StationSannomiya Station
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