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Tokyo Shopping 2016.01.30
What is INTERPLANET? What kind of brand is it? A lifestyle model of a successful woman: professional, elegant, casual, and relaxed in different occasions.

Feminine beauty with INTERPLANET

Shopping is a major draw for tourists coming to Japan, and it's easy to see why. Japan is wrapped in tradition yet holds on to the unique fashions of Western culture creating an interesting blend of styles. Most importantly is Japan is unique when it comes to expressing it's own style and shopping in Japan you can do the same! In order to provide more choices for you to express your personality, allow us to show you a variety of selections from today's fashion in Japan. 


Tax-free and Fashion

To all the foreign visitors, we can all agree that tax-free shopping definitely us happy right?! Fashion boutique INTERPLANET will be your choice! You might hesitate due to the wide reach of choices , but if you know it is tax-free, you'll be pleased to get all your favorite items.

Let's go and check them out!!!
  • # What is elegance?
    # What is elegance?
    Show off your elegance with a unique arrangement made in store such as this. Interplanet has a range of styles from the elegant to the more simple, semi-casual appeal. You're sure to find the style that matches you!^^
  • Simple is the best!
    Simple is the best!
     To present your own style, show your confidence with fashion! You might think Japanese fashion is always updated, stylish and trendy. In other words, you might say people in Japan know who to present their personality through fashion and we would have to agree!
  • Friendly service in Japan
    Friendly service in Japan
    The staff are at your disposal and can help you if the need arises. Don't be afraid to ask them anything even if it's simply asking how you look in a particular style.

Another coordination!

What do you think about this set style? Simple and delicate~ Gives you a dignified and generous impression. When it comes to details, mix and match with some accessories. A bow handbag gives you a special look. Simple but unique, but that is the point of fashion!

For more set outfits like this and pricing visit:

Other Locations

Interplanet is a popular shop and it can be found in 3 different locations in Japan. Visit the one nearest to you and jumpstart your new fashion trend!^^

207,  2F, Mitsui Outlet Park Minami Osawa 
1-600 Minami Osawa, Hachioji, Tokyo 
Open Hours : 10:00-20:00
TEL: 0426-70-5665

2955, 2F,  3-28, Rikuoraiminami,  Izumisano, Osaka,
Open Hours: 10:00-20:00
TEL 0724-64-6043

D-750, 1F, ASHIBINAA, 1-188 Toyosaka, Tomigusuku, Okinawa
Open Hours: 10:00-21:00
TEL 098-891-7240

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