Celebrate the Year of the Rat (Chinese New Year 2020) with Fun Japanese Products! Part 1

Tokyo Shopping 2020 2020.01.22
Usually called "Chinese New Year" in English, the lunar new year is almost here, and it's celebrated all over the world! We already know that Japan loves to make special limited edition products for holidays of all kinds, and thanks to the Chinese zodiac, the lunar new is always associated with a cute animal, perfect for kawaii products of all kinds. In fact, we found so many adorable, mouse-themed items this year that we needed to break our list up into two parts! So read on for part 1.

Our Favorite Year of the Rat Items for Chinese New Year 2020

Coming to Japan any time soon? Or maybe you just want to ogle the coolest, cutest, and silliest mouse and rat-themed items of the year! Everyone from individual artisans to major character-based brands love getting in on this holiday action, so don't worry, we've got plenty to share.

① ETRO x Tom and Jerry

  • Source: Fashion Press

    Take one luxury Italian leather brand, famous for paisley-patterned purses popular throughout Asia, and add the wacky long-beloved American animated characters of Tom and Jerry, and what do you get? Well, apparently, this great Jerry-print leather bag! The bags are being sold in special lunar new year pop-ups in Etro's Ginza branch and inside the GINZA SIX department store, alongside other appropriately mouse-themed goods.

② Disney® x Gucci

  • Of course, Jerry isn't the only famous mouse character to join in on the fun this year.
  • Source: Fashion Press

    Disney® is really going for it during the year of the rat, with a line of vintage-style Mickey Mouse clothing and accessories available for a limited time at Japanese Gucci stores or their webshop. Since "rat" and "mouse" are the same word in Japanese, you can see that companies are taking advantage of that and clearly going the cute route this year! We can't blame them, really.

③ UGG CA805 X 2020 Sneaker

  • Sure, this looks fluffy, but rat-themed...?
  • Source: Fashion Press

    Aha, there we are. A classic hunk of cheese.

    UGG shoes has a line of sneakers that releases a new design every month of the year, and for the first month of 2020, they've gone for a year of the rat design, complete with mousey fur and a tasty-looking triangle of swiss. If you want to look like you've got rats on your feet (??), you can pick up a pair at the UGG store in Ginza.

④ SK-II Mickey Mouse Facial Treatment Essense

  • Source: PR Times

    Mickey just can't stay away! He's at it again for the lunar new year, teaming up with super high-end Japanese skincare maker SK-II to find himself featured on a limited edition bottle of PITERA™ Essence Facial Treatment. If your new year's resolution is to work on your skin, this bottle of serum (featuring ingredients inspired by traditional sake brewing ingredients, and decorated with possibly the world's favorite mouse) might kill two birds with one stone. Grab some in duty free or get it shipped from their webshop.
Did you pick up any of these products this New Year's season? How are you celebrating the Year of the Rat? Tell us all about it on twitter, instagram, and facebook!
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