Japan's Hauntingly Delicious Traditional Snacks: Karinto

Tokyo Shopping 2016.02.05
In Japan they have a saying for their innate sense of hospitality:“Omote nashi”(おもてなし). This phrase is more or less a culturally symbolic saying that relates to differentiated service, extending beyond the bounds of what most would consider great service.

The main part of Solamachi, "Nihonbashi Nishikihorin"

Located on the second floor of Solamachi the Karinto shop "Nihonbashi Nishikihorin (日本 橋 錦 豊 琳) is a colorful display of assorted snacks. 

[Nihonbashi Nishikihorin Main Store Information]
Oshiage 1-1-2 Sumida-ku, Tokyo Tokyo Sky Tree Town Solamachi 2F
TEL: 03-5809-7261
Hours: 10:00 to 21:00, seven days a week


Wondering how it tastes?!

One of the good points about Nihonbashi Nishikihorin(日本 橋 錦 豊 琳) is the ability to try free samples of the various flavors. How can you really get a feel for the  variety without first sampling each for yourself? The staff are so friendly and genuinely willing to serve you, you can't help but leave with a smile on your face. Let's take a look at some of Karinto's most popular flavors!
  • Kinpira-gobo (き ん ぴ ら ご ぼ う) (fried burdock root)
    Kinpira-gobo (き ん ぴ ら ご ぼ う) (fried burdock root)
    Kinpira-gobo (き ん ぴ ら ご ぼ う) is a type of burdock root finely sliced and roasted in oil seasoned with soy sauce. It's no wonder it's a popular favorite in Japan. Just thinking about the flavor reminds me of the snacks I used to eat as a kid.
    1 bag = 340 yen (tax-included) 
  • Yasai (野菜) (vegetables)
    Yasai (野菜) (vegetables)
    5 types of dry vegetables light in texture and mixed with dough to create a delicious balance. You can almost guess the type of veggies used based on the color. This simple yet delicious taste makes you wonder, Just because it's a snack doesn't mean you don't have to feel healthy eating it!
    1 bag = 340 yen (tax-included)  
  • Murasak-imo (紫 芋) ( purple sweet potato)
    Murasak-imo (紫 芋) ( purple sweet potato)
    This Japanese purple sweet potato flavored snack is, according to recent opinions, somewhat strong in taste but very savory.^^

    1 bag = 340 yen (tax-included) 
  • Goma (胡麻) (sesame)
    Goma (胡麻) (sesame)
    Black sesame seeds stud the surface of this snack providing an unique harmonious balance of color from the black sesame seeds, white sugar, brown grains and texture. The strength of the flavor and sweetness of this snack will register with your taste buds immediately.  
  • 5. Kuro-to (黒 糖) (brown sugar)
    5. Kuro-to (黒 糖) (brown sugar)
    Widely known as the general taste of Karinto, brown sugar is often a choice of discussion. A little extra batter is used to create these thicker pieces and personally they're my favorite taste!^^
  • Ume shi-so (梅 し そ) (plum & shiso)
    Ume shi-so (梅 し そ) (plum & shiso)
    Các thành phần như lá tía tô được đưa vào karinto chắc chắn là thứ đã quá quen thuộc với chúng ta. Hương  vị cay chua ngọt sẽ rất ngon miệng cho những người thích làm tăng giới hạn vị giác của họ.   
  • Arai so-to (洗 双 糖) (double sugar)
    Arai so-to (洗 双 糖) (double sugar)
    The flavor of Arai so-to is deep, a bit thicker than the average Karinto snack, and the added sugar is noticeable. Honestly we were a bit curious as to how it would taste with the added sugar but it turned out fine.
  • Shoga (し ょ う が) (ginger)
    Shoga (し ょ う が) (ginger)
    After opening the package, you're greeted with the aroma of ginger powder, and the flavor transitions to your mouth as you eat giving off a pretty strong after taste. Left us feeling warm all over. 
  • Yuzu goshi-yo (柚子 ご し ょ う) (yuzu pepper)
    Yuzu goshi-yo (柚子 ご し ょ う) (yuzu pepper)
    What's the best way to describe Yuzu pepper? (Lol) The sweet and sour taste of slightly prickly hot peppers lingers in the aftertaste. An interesting taste worth trying in our opinion!^^
  • Create your own Omiyage!
    Create your own Omiyage!
    Create your own arrangement of your favorite flavors, or the best flavors you would recommend for a friend as a gift! 

    * Set prices (Karinto 75g bags)
    one package: 340 yen (tax included),  2 pack: 760 (tax included),  3 pack: 1,130 (tax included),  6 pack: 2,263 (tax included), 9 pack: 3,394 (tax included)
  • Special Solamachi Packaging
    Special Solamachi Packaging
    At the Solamachi main shop you can also enjoy smaller 23g packs of "Nihonbashi Nishikihorin (日本 橋 錦 豊 琳). The packaging is so cool with a full scale picture of the Tokyo Sky Tree!^^

    * Sets: (from left)
    Karinto small bag set (23g) 5 types 702 yen (tax included)
    Karinto small bag set (23g) 10 types ¥ 1,404 (tax included)
Basic Info
NameNihonbashi Nishikihorin Karinto
Address東京都墨田區押上1-1-2 東京SKYTREE TOWN SOLAMACHI 2F
StationOshiage Station
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