Mitsukoshi Ginza CANDY GIRL! Rediscovery Premium Shopping in Tokyo

Tokyo Shopping 2016.02.08
What kind of department store is Mitsukoshi Ginza? With reasonable prices it offers a wealth of high end fashion shops, practical shops, and products with a wide range of trends. Mitsukoshi Ginza also breeds a colorful "culture" of enriching people's lives and through outstanding service.

Sweet Candy Girls gather in Ginza ~ ^^

<CANDY GIRL> Yoshitaka Amano's style of art is a contemporary take on neo-Japonism and easily recognizable anywhere you go. This event showcases the famous illustrators style mixed with contemporary fashion!

Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store <DISCOVER! TOKYO>
Date: Tues, February 2nd to 16th (Tues.)
Location: GINZA MITSUKOSHI held in each layer
Main events
  • Create your favorite style!
    Create your favorite style!
    Make your own creations featuring art from Yoshitaka Amano. Velcro is used to hold the pieces on to assure they won't detach as you strut your stuff down the street.
  • Collaboration with Mikio Sakabe ...
    Collaboration with Mikio Sakabe ...
    You can also find unique brands collaborating with various designers. Get your wallets ready because it'll be difficult to leave this store without picking up something.
  • The best of the best
    The best of the best
    In yet another collaboration your can see Yohji Yamamoto pairing with Candy Girl to create something truly special. Aesthetically perfect bags where there are only 2 known to exist in the world! Talk about setting yourself apart from the crowd. 
  • A Man of Ultra
    A Man of Ultra
    Global Message Shop sixth floor
    Open from February 2nd to February 16th
  • Ultraman inspired Fashion Accessories
    Ultraman inspired Fashion Accessories
    Next to a rock-solid posing Ultraman figure these nice black glasses adorned with red and blue, ties and more look amazing. The Just as Ultraman was called to serve justice to all, so will you with these stylish accessories!^^
  • Original designs!!
    Original designs!!
    If you like being the only one on the block with a hot new trend or fashion accessory, get the move on so you don't get left behind! This show will be gone just as quickly as it started. Ending in a little over a week on February 16th!

Yoshitaka Meets the World

[Event 1] Yoshitaka Amano exhibition (天野 喜 孝 展)
February 2 to February 9
7th floor gallery
※ last day of the event opens at 6:00 pm

[Event 2] Yoshitaka Amano signings (天野 喜 孝 サ イ ン 会)
February 6 2:00 p.m. to 3:00
7th floor gallery

※ Event 2: first-come, first-served basis limited to 50 people
※ event information is subject to change, check the website for updated information.
  • Yukatas and Trendy Geta
    Yukatas and Trendy Geta
    Putting a new spin on traditional attire, these hip, colorful and sleek yukatas are all the rage right now. Dress up for a night out on the town or doll up for inside your own house. Either way, you'll still be fabulous.
  • Find Your Style
    Find Your Style
    Painted aprons characters by CANDY GIRL. Lovable pink girls with matching moods too! These aprons are an absolute must for any lovely little lady looking to make an impression in the household or at your local BBQ! 

    Of course for more info:
Basic Info
NameMitsukoshi Ginza DISCOVER TOKYO
Address4-6-16 Ginza Chuo-ku Tokyo-to 104-8212
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