CANMAKEs Snowy Winter Makeup will Blast you with Beauty!

Chubu Shopping 2016.02.16
Today I’d like to introduce CANMAKEs snow-white transparent makeup. Dry skin is a common problem for most who venture out into the cold and bear the cool frigid air.

Smooth Snowy Winter Makeup’s Best Combination ♡

Get yourself winter ready with CANMAKEs Snowy Winter lineup: 
①Marshmallow Finish Powder
¥ 940 + TAX
②Glow Fleur Highlighter
¥ 800 + TAX
③Secret Color Eyes
¥ 650 + TAX
④Lip & Cheek Gel
¥ 600 + TAX
⑤Power Cheeks
¥ 550 + TAX

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  • Marshmallow Finish Powder
    Marshmallow Finish Powder
    As the name implies, these marshmallows are perfect for applying powder for a smooth skin expression and the best part is the marshmallow power also has UV-blocking effects! (SPF26 PA ++) ~! 

    Marshmallow Finish Powder
    ¥ 940 + TAX
  • Marshmallow Finish Face Brush
    Marshmallow Finish Face Brush

    The puff or brushes are very important tools in cosmetics. Ask any woman and they’ll tell you they most likely have one in their arsenal. The secret any beautician will tell you is the diversification of tools is the real difference.

    Marshmallow Finish Face Brush

    ¥ 600 + TAX


Glow Fleur Highlighter & Highlight Brush

The brush and the built-in highlighter use a special brush with a smooth oval tip, and thin, dense bristles giving it an advantage against other brushes.

Fluor Glow Highlighter

¥ 800 + TAX


Highlighter brush

¥ 650 + TAX

  • Secret Color Eyes
    Secret Color Eyes

    A unique product for creating an Eurasian style look and adding depth to your eyes. The product also doesn’t make your eyelids susceptible to dryness!

    Secret Eyes color

    ¥ 650 + TAX

  • Shading Shadow
    Shading Shadow
    Consisting of the three colors pink, white, and soft brown the colors help to bring the face into three dimensions. By introducing such a natural complexion via the redness below the eye, the overall presence  of the eyes is doubled and the pigment gives off the impression of a cute girl.
  • Quick Easy Eyeliner
    Quick Easy Eyeliner

    We recommend  are the Quick and Easy Eyeliners from CANMAKE. They are made up of felt-tip eyeliners designed for ease of use.

    Quick Easy Eyeliner

    ¥ 500 + TAX

  • Lip & Cheek Gel 4 colors
    Lip & Cheek Gel 4 colors

    This fast melting and non-stick gel is perfect for a woman on the go or a sporty look that won’t rub off easily. And the best part is it’s quite easy to apply!

    Lip & Cheek Gel 4 colors

    600 yen each + TAX

  • Powder blush
    Powder blush
    Used for creating soft texture and vivid expression, and giving an overall sustainability to the makeup you’ll apply from here on out. In order to allow for a smoother sustainable use of color coated products we recommend using the powder blush first.

     Powder blush
    550 yen each + TAX

From lovely cheeks to beautiful lips!

By using the same Lip & Cheek Gel (Lip & Cheek Gel) we can bring out our lips a little more. With the application of some water you can melt the paste down so it can be easily applied on you lips using your fingers. Fortunately, your lips won’t become dry because it contains a moisturizing cosmetic and can be maintained for a long time.

Lip & Cheek Gel
600 yen each + TAX

A Thrilling sporting season for all

Naeba Ski Resort, just 2 hours 30 minutes by car from Tokyo is a great place to enjoy winter sports during this winter season. Also be sure to drop by these other resorts for a good time in the snow!^^

Naeba Ski Resort

Kawaba Resort

Gala Yuzawa Snow Resort

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