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Household Supplies & DIY Blockbuster Mart - CAINZ is where the DIY party is at!
  • Many Japanese people are already familiar with the term "home center", but for those who aren't, it's a store that specializes in the construction of a home. It will include everything from small screws to various household goods used for DIY.
  • ​Home centers such as CAINZ are so big that they belong to their own section referred to as the "Captain Class"! In Japan, CAINZ are flagship stores for what it means to be a home center store.  
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  •  There are six stores in Tokyo, close to the city center, Minami-Sunamachi (南 砂 町) SUNAMO point,   (Subway Tozai Line to Minami-Sunamachi Station (東西 線 南 砂 町 駅) 5 minute walk).
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  • Popular with foreigners, of course, there is a great selection of pharmaceutical products including anti-itch Japanese drugs. 
  • When shopping in bundles, everyone wins! In a society where wastefulness is looked down upon, CAINZ provides an outlet for those looking to get a little more bang for their buck. 
  • Japan has a great deal of earthquakes, and like they say, the best protection is simply being prepared. At this home center you can find emergency supplies, hygiene/ relief supplies, emergency food, etc. of various kinds.
  • Rubber corner pads to prevent young children from getting hurt. This soft material is a great idea for kids just beginning to walk on their own. Rather than making it yourself you can pick these up for fairly cheap.
  • CAINZ is sophisticated, charming, diverse and meticulous! By now, all the DIY enthusiats are smirking to themselves right? ^^ In a collaboration with Japan and Germany, some of the best tools around are assembled! The stylish appearance of this plethora of tools is easy on the eyes.
  • Don't even pretend that you're not a housewife reading this and jotting down information about how to make your next trip to CAINZ! ^^ But in all seriousness, living in Japan, means living in a minimalists society in which the comforts of home need to give way to the smaller size of everything. 
  • One of the hit products of interest in CAINZ is the 2015 GOOD DESIGN award winner made up of colorful storage mechanisms, the 'Carico' series. These uniquely designed boxes and bins can add class to anyones' living situation.
  • Consider these items as mere stepping stones to creating something vastly larger and more complex. In fact, it's more like a construction site where professional technicians as well as regular shoppers successfully purchase the necessary goods to get the job done.
  • This corner cafe next to the gardening department is truly charming. As the shopping atmospheres spin us round and round, it's nice to have somewhere to rest and enjoy the moment. ^^
  • Pet's One is an absolutely indispensable part of CAINZ. Just as you are making your way home from a long shopping experience you lock eyes with one of these adorable cuties.
  • All the pets are so excited to see you when you pay them a visit. It's funny to see them instantly perk up as you come and go. Oh and hey look! An albino Shiba Inu Kuruki! ^^
  • And don't worry, there's pet food too! Just around the corner you can find pet accessories, in many charming styles to fit your tastes. Don't be afraid to pick up one of these cuties as you shop!

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