Asakusa Will Be Closer to Tokyo Skytree Than Ever in 2020

Tokyo Shopping News 2020.05.27
New shopping & leisure facilities Tokyo Mizumachi & Sumida River Walk are connecting the popular Tokyo destinations of Asakusa and TOKYO SKYTREE.

A New Look at Eastern Tokyo

While Tokyo Mizumachi was originally slated to open in May 2020, COVID-19 continues to be an issue in Japan, and the opening date has been pushed back to at least June. Find the latest updates
here, on the official website.


Just recently on Japankuru we wrote about the joys of spending a day wandering between Asakusa and Tokyo Skytree, both major tourist attractions on the eastern edge of central Tokyo. Up until now, despite the proximity of the two areas, the actual route between Asakusa and Skytree hasn't been much to write home about. Once you've left the picturesque Asakusa area and crossed over the waters of the Sumida River, there's not much to look at until you draw close to Tokyo Skytree and the gleaming shopping facilities at its base. Which is why we were excited to hear about the opening of a new facility connecting the two areas: Tokyo Mizumachi and its riverside pedestrian zone, the Sumida River Walk.
While you can still certainly take the train to cover the relatively short distance between Skytree and Asakusa, this newly constructed strip of businesses follows the route of the train line, giving pedestrians another option. Taking into account the connected Sumida River Walk that stretches over the water, it looks like a conveniently direct path. Tokyo Mizumachi connects major sightseeing hotspots, but it also runs alongside the neighboring Sumida Park and canal waters. Of course, hungry shoppers will probably be pleased, as well!
Speaking of shopping, it looks like eateries will take up most of the space in the complex, so it might be a good lunch stop between a morning at Tokyo Skytree and an afternoon in Asakusa. Burger enthusiasts might appreciate a bite to eat at shake tree DINER TOKYO, while travelers looking for an afternoon pick me up will probably gravitate towards one of the cafes, or Japanese-style sweets (wagashi, 和菓子) specialist ichiya. In the evening, Nihonbashi Brewery will almost certainly be a popular watering hole for travelers who want to try a taste of Japanese craft beer.
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    Popular New York brunch spot Jack's Wife Freda will find a new location near the Sumida River.

Tokyo Mizumachi has also announced plans to open affordable hostel accommodations, and develop the area along the water to include pedestrian-friendly terraces and seating areas.
While the projected May opening might be delayed by Tokyo's current state of emergency, we look forward to checking out the new facilities once it's safe to join the crowds!

Tokyo Mizumachi
1 Mukojima, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Access: Tokyo Skytree Station, Asakusa Station
Official Website
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