FASHION Epidemic in Shibuya: Recommended Shopping @ VANQUISH!

Tokyo Shopping 2016.03.23
Shibuya is famous as the point of no return for fashionistas. Prepare to be sucked into a vortex only to be released in a dimension of unlimited possibilities.....


A fashion mall featuring impressive lineups for men right in front of JR Shibuya Station.
Address: 1-23-10 Jinnan, Shibuya, Tokyo-
- Black by VANQUISH: 6F
Phone: 03-3477-8111
Hours: 10:00 to 21:00 (Restaurant 11:00 to 23:00)
A day, seven days a week (except Jan 1st)
Accepted payment methods:
CUP / JCB / AMEX / Master / VISA / UC / Diners
Duty Free: TAX FREE
  • Watch this Item VANQUISH ASAP!
    Watch this Item VANQUISH ASAP!
    Shibuya inspired Sukajan Jackets featuring the icon "Hachiko" are perfect the perfect way to wrap up  this spring! A variety of colors to ensure that you stand out as a permanent fashion fixture, and not to mention the cool embroidery!
  • The Charm of the Popular Item Shibuya Sukajan
    The Charm of the Popular Item Shibuya Sukajan
    To make a simple sports comparison, if SHIBUYA is like sports venue and fashion is the game then VANQUISH is the team with home court advantage. The signature Shibuya Sukajan jacket effectively showcases Shibuya's charm and has risen to the number one position on the popularity charts.
  • New Skeleton Design Sukajan
    New Skeleton Design Sukajan
    Sukajan at VANQUISH has come back with a slightly new appearance. With the boom in the Autumn and
    Winter, it seems only fitting that they would also release something to tide us over in the spring. Along with the unique Skeleton embroidery you'll also find the years 2004-2016 showing the years the time timeframe for how long VANQUISH has been operating.

Show your personality, immediately!

gonoturn is a miscellaneous goods brand with the "Cute is Justice !!" concept. They have released and currently offer masks featuring the cuteness of Japan in the form of famous cartoon characters. At first it's a little embarrassing but we can imagine some people walking down the street with it on! ^^ Show your personality, immediately! This may be the most important fashion item of the century right here. (lol)

gonoturn Official Website:

VANQUISH jeans: the world's highest quality Japanese Okayama denim

Jeans and denim products at VANQUISH were used in the world's highest quality Okayama Japanese denim. It's one thing to read about it beforehand, but when you actually see it up-close and hold it in your hands, we'll just say that we were impressed with the quality. Will you will be able to further expose the stylish sensibility? It's great how in this cutting edge city of fashion you can still admire the changing styles freely. ^^
  • Introducing the brand
    Introducing the brand "#FR2"
    VANQUISH is just one of the latest shops to add the popular "FR2" brand to its collection. Based on the interesting concept of the clothes photographers wear, miscellaneous goods and items have been developed. 

    #FR2 Website:
  • FR2 popular items - Tokyo Sukajan
    FR2 popular items - Tokyo Sukajan
    A new Sukajan has recently appeared in the 2016SS apparel line of FR2 with a rabbit holding a Leica camera in hand. The body is trendily embroidered and carved on a lightweight cotton silk-less design.
  • One point in the knit cap vinyl coat!
    One point in the knit cap vinyl coat!
    A knit hat said to be one of the must have items when FR2 released it. The signature rabbit emblem is truly a simple yet unique design that attracts the likes of even celebrities!

Introducing the LEGENDA brand.

The presence of an edgy new Tokyo street style brand called LEGENDA has got all the "TOKYO STREET MODE" fans talking about this concept. Just from viewing the items in the lineup you can begin to understand the depth and quality of the style. Well, we've seen so many brands associated with VANQUISH. From here on out we will look at specific outfits they recommend! 
  • Matching Styles
    Matching Styles
    Though they are both rocking the same style you can see how much the appeal changes from person to person. Which one do you think is more stylish?
  • Items that show
    Items that show "true masculinity" are here!
    Find your inner self and secure a new style that you can call your own at VANQUISH in Shibuya 109 Mens today!
Basic Info
NameVANQUISH in Shibuya 109 MEN'S
Address1-23-10 Jinnan, Shibuya, Tokyo- - VANQUISH: 3F
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