GREENTOY- Crowdfunding to save the world one bottle at a time!

Tokyo Shopping Ecofriendly 2020.07.09
As the world passes the halfway mark of what has been a crazy, dreadfully depressing year, a small team of eco-designers are looking to bring a bit of wonderful green into peoples lives, while at the same time trying to decrease the amount of plastic in the sea!
Greentoy: The Story Behind the Product
Greentoy was developed originally with the name of PETOMATO, a play on the words PET bottle and Tomato. It was planned as a way to bring tomatoes inside to people that don't have the space outside to grow their own. The original design was thought to be too impossible to get right by professional gardeners and farmers, with problems from roots not growing or not enough space for the stems.
But after 3 months of trial and error, the creators at Hasegawa Sato were able get tomatoes to grow (and be edible), and then they moved on to a range of fruits and veggies! They dropped the original name of PETOMATO and took up the GREENTOY name, with it having a meaning of being as simple as a toy to grow!
Saving the Planet, one plastic bottle at a time!
One of the great things about GREENTOY is that you can use any plastic bottle to grow the seeds of your choosing! By doing so, you can help take some plastic bottles out of the cycle! At present, there is a current problem with how much waste is being dumped into the see, with the problem being talked about at the G20 Summit held in June 2019, with the figure of 8 million tons per year being dumped with an estimated amount of 12 billion total being found in our seas by 2050. With GREENTOY, while its only one bottle at a time, if everyone used one it would have a great impact on the problem!
Grow your own plants
There are a wide range of plants, fruits, and vegetables that you can grow with GREENTOY! From Soybeans to Cucumbers, from Green Peppers to Egg Plant, you can use GREENTOY to grow your favourite plants!  
A design that tries to be as eco-friendly as possible
GREENTOY has an amazing design that helps to let it grow plants in any environment and space! By having a special filter that lets the roots not over grow while also helping to promote water absorption, it allows for the plant to grow anywhere! It's also extremely easy to use as well as at the same time creating minimum waste.   
Great as an educational tool!
GREENTOY is a great way to give kids an insight into environmental problems as well as learning about responsibilities and caring for things. You could use it to also help them to be healthy by getting them to grow and try their own food!  Or learn about recycling and how it is a force for good in the world!
Crowdfunding to make the world a better place.
GREENTOY will launch on Japankuru Funding Thursday 9th July, with the aim of raising awareness of the product and also hopefully raising some funds to creating a new style of GREENTOY which is even more eco-friendly!

Project Title: GREENTOY- Creating a Cultivation Kit to Make the World a Much Greener Place!
Crowdfunding Target: 500,000 Yen
Period: Thursday July 9th- Thursday September 3rd 
Returns: GREENTOY plus various packs of seeds (due to seed laws in different countries, seeds will sent based on these laws.)
Project URL:
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