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Tokyo Shopping 2015.07.17
shopping mall in front of JR Yurakucho Station

A shopping mall has a variety of shops and restaurants

1-min walk from Yurakucho Station ITOCiA, the nearest shopping center from JR Yurakucho station It is too closed, perhaps you might have missed out sometimes. A shopping center directly connected to 0101 department store!! ITOCiA is the largest integrated shopping center, connected with opened since 2007, ITOCiA PLAZA, and FOOD AVENUE.
  • naniwaen 2F
    naniwaen 2F
    ocated at 2F of ITOCiA2 The original okonomiyaki shop Not only a professional okonomiyaki, there are also seafood, teppanyaki and steak. Okonomiyaki around about 1, 500 yen Teppanyaki set 3,000 yen
  • Professional okonomiyaki!
    Professional okonomiyaki!
    We like to choose the counter seat, where the chef originally from Osaka shows us his gorgeous skill!
  • Seafood SPECIAL
    Seafood SPECIAL
    Include shrimp, squid, flying fish, and all kinds of seafood. This is so-called seafood okonomiyaki. Taste the profession!!!
  • Natural House floor  B1
    Natural House floor B1
    This is a supermarket with a theme or "Organic & Sustainable Life," selling organic food and natural cosmetics. Having Japan and import products of a variety of organic food, and cosmetics. This is good to the ones who care healthy and natural style in life!
  • Noodles made with organic flour! !
    Noodles made with organic flour! !
    Of course rich with vegetables! Stay healthy, eat healthily!
  • Lotion that is made of clay emulsion!!!
    Lotion that is made of clay emulsion!!!
    No wonder it is the product of "Natural House." And a variety of organic cosmetics good for skin!

Dessert Paradise!

Square muffin? Green tea Baumkuchen? Tokyo Rusk ??

Wow!!! Many varieties!

It is not the timing for diet then!

Let's get one for ourselves and one as a souvenir!

Photographed at waffle cake RL @ ITOCiA Food Avenue B1 floor

  • King of the king!
    King of the king!
    The best of Tokyo Rusk "Premium Almond Rusk" (5 bags 10 pieces, 565 yen) Cream and almonds, what a perfect combination! Feel like we are in heaven!
  • Goodies to both ourselves and friends^^
    Goodies to both ourselves and friends^^
    Three flavors of KORO KORO WAFFLE set (1,800 yen + TAX) Original square WAFFLE (?) Kobe WAFFLE (8 pcs, 1,600 yen + TAX)
  • Ultimate Baumkuchen!
    Ultimate Baumkuchen!
    Japan's unique Matcha (green tea) Baumkuchen! It is named "Ultimate premium baumkuchen." S size (diameter:17cm, height: 5.5cm) 1, 300 yen + TAX

Strongly recommend gifts!

Everyone would happy to receive such a package!

 tea + tea cup set!!!

(10, 000 yen + TAX)

Cute bunny illustration written in ink and cherry Darjeeling tea!

  • Karel Capek B1
    Karel Capek B1
    It is a tea shop owned by an illustrator of fairy tale writer Ms. Yamada. Wow!!! All the packages are her illustration!!! Nice herb tea set, and mug cup!
  • Cherry Darjeeling
    Cherry Darjeeling
    This one is the most popular cherry Darjeeling. Japan's cherry and tea's representative Darjeeling. Good to make Ice tea. Teabags 8 pieces per can 1, 300 yen + TAX
  • Where to go after shopping at Ginza?
    Where to go after shopping at Ginza?
    Yurakucho is your good choice!!! A lot of restaurant as well as a variety of goodies for gifts! Yurakucho ITOCiA Near to station. Convenient to shop and visit! No wonder it is nice choice for you who have tight schedule of your Tokyo travel!! Location: 1-min walk from JR Yamanote Line "Yurakucho station" Central Exit 1-min walk from Tokyo METRO Yurakucho Line "Yurakucho station" D7-b Exit 1-min walk from Ginza Line / Hibiya Line / Marunouchi Line "Ginza Station" C-9 Exit Business: Food Avenue & PLAZA Shopping 11:00 ~ 21:00 Restaurant: 11:00 - 23:00 * Vary from shops
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