Namie Amuro's favorite Shibuya Fashion Brand! The Dayz tokyo

Tokyo Shopping 2017.07.24
Shibuya Spain-zaka

Spring fashion trends

① Gender-less
Neutral, meaning it refers to a new fashion trend that looks positive and not necessarily feminine. 
Breaking down boundaries the progressive fashion seeks to completely break stereotypes from the original men in blue, and women in pink notion we have come to accept as norm in society. And in it's place it will insert clearly refined and stylish lines to express individuality.
In general it's just an overall smart look, and even you must agree our society can stand to have a more gender-less look. 

② Over fit
A wide range of sizes to fit even the most un-fit-able. 

③ This year's color trends - Rose Quartz & Serendipity Community. American professional color hues to
 present a world standard and the trend color of the year, presented in Pantone (PANTONE).
Pastel color scheme was a surprisingly good fit for both men  and women!

Shibuya Spain-zaka ~ The Dayz tokyo

Recommendation of Fashion Item!

  • Modern chic point
    Modern chic point
    Shoes brand personality mode Sophia have been
    very hot on the shelves lately as a collection
    developed with sandals. The unique coordination of
     colors and configurations is definitely eye-catching.
  • Cleanliness, with denim
    Cleanliness, with denim
    Again, denim is back this season without even
    skipping a beat. As the seasons change you will
    benefit even more by using a lighter color this
    year. Since you'll have a wide selection of
    denim items to choose from, jackets, coats, pants
    you shouldn't have any trouble integrating it into
    your style. If you haven't got yours yet, hopefully
    by the end of this article you'll have your chance.
  • Casual style
    Casual style
    All you can grab!
    The Dayz tokyo styling already set up for you
    to admire and add to your own personal collection.
  • Comfortable shoes
    Comfortable shoes
    Nowadays shoes are free from ruggedness while
    maintaining a comfortable fit and with diverse and
     sophisticated designs. Browsing through these
    shoes it's interesting to ponder which style will suit
    you the most...A major feature of being able to express
    one's self comes from ample choice of stylish dressy
    fashion outfits in our opinion.. What do you think?
  • Flashy shoes
    Flashy shoes
    Heels and sandals made of bright colors and original
     configurations of various materials. The Dayz tokyo
    trendily suggests to match these colorful patterns and
    designs of shoes in a minimalist fashion.
    Are you ready to upgrade your style too?
  • Sandals + socks like peanut butter & jelly
    Sandals + socks like peanut butter & jelly

     Sandals + socks?
    Just like the hippie American Dad fashion, or
    the style we would ridicule on tourist, who would
    have thought it would become fashionable?
    About 2-3 years ago the socks and sandals
    movement rocketed it's way into the fashion
    scene and it's funny when we look back at
    all the fashionable 'unfashionable' people who
    were just ahead of their time... ^^
  • Accessorize people!
    Accessorize people!
    If you're looking for a bit of color than look no
    further than the accessories. Challenge yourself
    by trying a color and making it your own!
  • Reflecting the trends
    Reflecting the trends
    It's the season of bag, shoes, and bling bling.
     Powerful fashion accessories that reflect the trend.
  • That popular clutch bag was cool!!
    That popular clutch bag was cool!!
    The clutch is in just about every celebrities' arsenal and
    it has since attracted popularity. This elegant and feminine
     clutch bag comes in black and white.

Know the stylish trend urban woman ...

Initially I had simply thought that discovering  The Dayz tokyo was just dumb luck, but instead
it proved to be a blessing in disguise. So in hopes to pass on this gem to the next fortunate soul, here I am writing to you about this hip, chic style.
For trendy women of this age that seek to improve  the quality of their lifestyle it's safe to say this shop
offers an elegant fashion with quality and values modern women's lifestyles. From here on out it'll
serve as a great brand to watch. 
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Basic Info
NameThe Dayz tokyo
Address東京都澀谷區宇田川町16-15 SR-6
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