Japanese Popular Spring make-up with CANMAKE!

Tokyo Shopping Cosmetics 2016.04.11
How impressive to welcome the coming of this warm and beautiful season! Are you ready for a spring makeup, getting along with your friends and family in the beautiful mother nature!

Japanese Popular Spring make-up with CANMAKE!

Let's JAPANKURU show you the latest Spring makeup
with the popular Japanese cosmetics brand CANMAKE!
Check it out!

1. Makeup foundation

light as air~

Foundation Case + Airy Cover Fit Foundation

The foundation has a light and soft texture,
contains a highly flexible powder that quickly and evenly blends into your skin.
It is resistant to sweat and water and provides complete coverage for pores and uneven color.

Of course,
 SPF45 / PA +++ UV protection is guaranteed.

* Airy Cover Fit Foundation 750yen + TAX
Used color: [01] Light Ochre    
(2 colors)


2. Natural Cheeks

Powder Cheeks
An excellent shape color creates a soft and nature makeup!
No need to draw a gradient effect, 
you can also create a very natural blush makeup.

* Powder Cheeks  550 yen + TAX 
Used color: [PW33] Shell Pink
 (10 colors)


Make a clear contour by highlighting

3. Shiny Facial contours

Glow Twin Color
2-color eye shadow like a glitter of the shining stars!
This time,
we use it as highlight!
Just a gently touch is enough!

* Glow Twin Color  650 yen + TAX
Used color:  [04] Cherry Blossom Lavender (2 colors)


4. Romantic Eye-make

  • Tips for your eye-makeup
    Tips for your eye-makeup

     Eyeshadow Base
    To cover the dullness of the eyelids and make the color more long-lasting!
    Besides, it has moisturizing ingredients and glitter, 
    to help smoothing the texture on your skin!

    * Eyeshadow Base 500 yen + TAX
    Used color [PP] Pink Pearl (2 color)

  • Eye shadow for this spring!
    Eye shadow for this spring!
    Perfect stylish eyes (5 colors)
    Not only five natural colors on one palette, but also the glitter to help creating a gorgeous appearance!
    Especially, the TOPPING JEWEL color in the middle, 
    which makes your natural makeup looks more gorgeous!
    A CANMAKE eyeshadow palette is something you'd better have one with you!

    A little eye shadow blush is designed as a cotton swab!
    You can decide and outline the range of applying area in details!

    Let's see how we use!
  • #Step 1
    Use the color of the upper left corner for the whole eyelids and the inner angles.
  • #Step 2
    On top of the first layer, you the upper right corner as a natural color!
    Applying a wider range of area is recommended to create brighter eyelid!
  • #Step 3
    Use the light purple on the bottom left corner for the inner angles.
  • #Step 4
    Use the darker purple color on the bottom right corner to outline the eyeliners in details.
  • # Special tips for latest style makeup of CANMAKE
    ① Pink and natural eyebrows
    ②Another layer at the inner angles
    ③TOPPING JEWEL in the middle highlights the lovely makeup 
  • # Like a blooming beautiful flower
    * Perfect stylist eyes (5 colors) 780yen + TAX
    Used color: [12] Dreaming Flower (8 colors)

A little bit gorgeous natural eye makeup!
This natural eyeliner is recommended to draw a thin and natural one!

* Quick Easy Eyeliner Eyeliner 500yen + TAX
Used color: [02] Cherry Brown (2 colors)


5. Natural Eyeliner

6. Fulfilling eye lashes

Waterproof and functional brush head design,
containing caring ingredient for the overall eye lashes.

Flaring Curl Mascara 650yen + tax 
Used color: [01] Chocola Black (one color)


7. Lip makeup

  • #Erase lip color and improve the color and lasting power of your lips!

    Moisture-rich formulation containing conditioning agents, to prevent your lips drying out.
    Prevents lips drying or chapping, for long-lasting plump girlish lips ♡

    Lip Concealer Moist In ' 
    * Lip Concealer Moist In '  580yen + TAX


  • Like a honey lip gloss
    Lip Tint Syrup
    A thin layer is good enough for a presentation of bright and moist color but not sticky!
    Long lasting even after eating
    SPF15/PA+ UV protection

  •  A natural combination of eye makeup, blush and lips

    Long lasting lip color helps creating a naturally rosy look!

    * Lip Tint Syrup  650 yen + TAX
    Used color:  [01] Cherry tree syrup ( 3 colors)


A Spring makeup of CANMAKE is done!

# Before and After

No exaggeration! 
Overall, a pink color makeup!
Here you are!
Spring style of CANMAKE in 2016!

8. Colorful Nails

Colorful Nails Easy to apply and long-lasting base formulation!

Long-lasting, quick-drying, with fantastic shine! 

You might put it into the refrigerator for about 30 minutes, 
to speed up the time of quick-drying as well!

* Colorful Nails  360 yen + TAX
Used color: [47] Marshmallow Pink / [78] Candy Pink (39 colors)

Let's enjoy the spring time with the latest beautiful makeup!
Are you longing for a romantic love story in this charming season? 

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