Japanese Automotive Supplies Department Store

Tokyo Shopping 2016.05.25
Super Autobacs - Tokyo Bay Shinonome Store

Japanese Automotive Supplies Department Store

Today, we are visiting the place can be said to be leading new ideas of the Japanese car culture. 
Whether you have less knowledge about cars, 
after reading this article, 
you would definitely like to take a visit here!

Super Autobacs,  Tokyo Bay Shinonome Store

Super Autobacs, Tokyo Bay Shinonome Store

Speaking of Tokyo Bay,
you might think of the popular sightseeing spot Odaiba, where Statue of Liberty is located. 

Today, we come to Tokyo Bay, getting off at Shinonome Station by TWR Rinkai Line.
If you are not familiar to Rinkai Line. 
You might wanna take a look at the following video. 

Rinkai Line is running through the major station of JR Saikyo Line. 
So if you are going from Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, or Shibuya, 
no transfer is needed!
Less than 30-min to get to Tokyo Teleport Station in Odaiba. 
we are taking the same line and get off  2 stations ahead at Shinonome Station. 
Rinkai Line: http://www.twr.co.jp/en/tabid/233/Default.aspx​

Numerous of friendly service

  • Multilingual staffs
    Multilingual staffs
    Not only professional level
    but also there are staffs can answer you in foreign languages if necessary. 
    (Chinese, English, Korean)
  • Intelligent robots
    Intelligent robots
    Oh! Who is this guys?
    His name is Pepper, new member of Super Autobacs.
    He is a practical robot originally from Japan's Softbank Group!
    Choose languages from the touch-screen panel,
    then he will greet you in the selected languages with a lightly rigid gestures. 

    Feel free to take a look at this manual intelligent robots. 
  • Tax free! Of course!
    Tax free! Of course!
    For purchase of 10,001yen or more, 
    you are welcomed to visit the tax free counter at the entrance of 2F.

Leading Japanese Automotive Supplies Store

Autobacs has total 584 stores in Japan. 
But today, we are visiting one of its large-scale stores in Tokyo. 
There are over two - three millions car-related item. 
Assembled set and accessories, second-hand cars and motorcycles are available too. 
Anyway, anything related to cars possibly can be found here!

Huge amount of variation according to the categories!

  • Umbrella for car-users
    Umbrella for car-users
    How creative! 
    Having this,
    no worry to get wet at the "time" closing your umbrella 
    while getting on and off of the car!

    For more detail, please check
  • Character Items
    Character Items
    A variety of limited items of Mickey, Rilakkuma, Hello Kitty etc. 
    Wanna change the air fresheners and car chargers at home, too?
  • DIY goods
    DIY goods
    DIY goods keep your car clean.

    Although it is convenient to have a large machinery to do the car wash outside,
    you might be worried your car to get damaged. 

    So if you decide to do the car wash by yourselves,
    pick this car brush then!
  • For the babies
    For the babies
    You know what?
     70 % of the world safety belts are made by TAKATA in Japan!
    So having the same company to produce the infant seat,
    safety is relatively guaranteed!
  • For your pets
    For your pets
    Not only humans but also your pets would like to have a comfortable travel!
  • Gorgeous tires
    Gorgeous tires
    Most of the well-known tire manufacturers are in Japan.
    Although it is hard to take back home,
    come and check them all out!
  • Japan Limited!
    Japan Limited!
    This is a car deodorant popular to foreign visitors. 
  • Cell phone stands!
    Cell phone stands!

If you have chance to visit Japan, come to one of the large-scale stores of Super Autobacs in Tokyo.

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