Love Your Cats, but Tired of All the Fur? Japanese Brand Makes Easy Dust-Off Dresses for Feline Fanatics

Nationwide Shopping Cats 2021.09.27
For cat owners going through lint rollers at an alarming speed, Studio Clip has the clothing line for you.
Particularly since the onset of the pandemic, more and more people are living with pets, and those fur babies have become an increasingly important part of everyday life (when it comes to working from home, particularly). Of course, for new cat owners and all those who are just spending a lot more of their day lounging on the couch while getting some work done, the practicalities of spending all day with our (very) furry friends has become a topic of great concern. Inspired by cat owners everywhere, Japanese clothing and home goods brand Studio Clip decided to tackle one of the more common problems faced every single day. Cat hair, everywhere, including all over your nice work clothes. Teaming up with Japanese interior designer Kanae Ishii, who herself lives with an adorable but shed-happy feline companion, Studio Clip's newest product is a dress made easy to dust off in the blink of an eye, where just a few taps of the hands will leave the dress looking clean and fur-free. For cat lovers who frequently find themself embarrassingly covered in a blanket of cat fur so obvious it's visible even through a Zoom meeting, this might be a new go-to.
With a motto of "meo, love, peace" the aim of this new dress is to bring peace to the lives of cats and their humans, as a product friendly to both. The material is a special anti-static fabric developed by Studio Clip, quickly cleaned and ready to be worn straight out of the laundry. With this fabric, instead of each little cat hair sticking in place like a magnet, the fur can be knocked off with a brush of the hand. No lint roller? No problem.
The polyester blend fabric is also wrinkle-free, and thanks to the drop-shoulder sleeves and unique tailoring of the dress, it has an easy Japanese style. The ribbons on the dress are a big hit with all the cats out there, and seconds after cuddling with your kitties, they say, you'll be ready to walk out the door looking chic and put-together. 
Studio Clip is now selling the dress in three colors, for a little over 7,000 yen each. But those with fur babies might just be convinced―when it comes to perfecting the synergy between you and your cat, and still looking good for work meetings, perhaps no price is too high. For a little extra motivation, Studio Clip will also be donating 10 yen for each item purchased to animal charities via the Japanese organization Animal Donation, which is better than 0 yen! For all those living with pets who aren't quite convinced, well, there's always the trusty lint brush.

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