Ikebukuro Pawnshop Festival - A special shopping experience for you!!

Tokyo Shopping 2016.06.15
24th - 26th June 2016 in Sunshine City Ikebukuro

A New Shopping Experience Just For You!

Today, it's getting more popular to get used goods because you may find something nice at cheaper prices. Especially in Japan, people always keep things neatly, so you will be surprised by seeing the quality of the used goods at such prices!!

Don't miss this special chance!

From June 24th to 26th, Sunshine City Ikebukuro is going to hold the "Ikebukuro Pawnshop Festival". The long-established used goods shop, Sanoya, is going to participate in this event too!

You can find over 30,000 used products including brands like Hermes, Chanel, Cartier, Louis Vuitton, and Prada etc. handbags and accessories at this special shopping event. Don't miss this chance and mark your schedule now!

Ikebukuro Pawnshop Festival

Date:   24th to 26th June 2016 (Fri. to Sun.)
Opening hours:   10:00 - 19:00 (close at 18:00 on 26th)
Venue:   Exhibition hall A-1, 4th Floor, World Import Mart Building, Sunshine City
Address:   Sunshine City, 3-1 Higashi Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, 170-8630
Sponsor:   Pawnshop and Recycle Brand Festival Committee
Contact:   03-3916-7819
Official website:   http:/www.78fes.com/

Surprised By The Variety of Selection

Not only handbags, you can also find clothes, shoes, watches and other accessories at this special shopping event. There is a huge selection for you to choose. You must be able to find something that you like there!!

For those who are not too interested in fashion, don't worry, they also have an art section for those of you who would like to buy some books, paintings, and decorations to add to your collection at good prices.

Highly Anticipated Shopping Event! More than 3.5 billion yen used goods can be found!

No matter on the internet or at the shops, shopping for used goods is very popular in Japan because you can always find products in good quality at very nice prices. You can find the "Ikebukuro Pawnshop Festival in Sunshine City Ikebukuro" ad in the used goods magazine too!

The long established and famous used goods shop, Sanoya, is going to participate in this special shopping event too. So don't miss this special shopping chance!!

A different feeling of Tokyo - Otsuka

If you are tired of the busy Shinjuku or Ikebukuro, why don't you pay a visit to Otsuka? When you walk around in Otsuka, you will feel like walking in a comic world!

After you finish doing your shopping at Sanoya, we highly recommend you to get on the Toei Streetcar (Toden) Arakawa Line to experience this unique and chic district.

If you are interested in learning more about Otsuka, please check out our earlier blog.
#Shopping♪Rustic Streetcars & Bustling Retro Shopping Streets in the Most Modern City in the World- A Sanoya Shopping Escape!

Sanoya (さのや)
Sanoya was established in Otsuka area for about 100 years. You can find a huge selection of used wallets, bags, watches, clothes, and other accessories at the best pawnshop in Japan! Start your journey from the north gate of the Otsuka station, you can find 9 different Sanoya shops in total.


Concerns about the quality of the used goods? Don't worry, look for Shichimaru logo!

Sometimes people ask us if it is safe to buy second hand products? Please don't worry! It is because in Japan, there is the National Pawnshop Committee which monitors over all the pawnshops in Japan. This committee was established on 21st September 1954, and currently there are over 2000 used goods stores registered.

When you see the logo of this cute "Shichimaru", you know that this used goods store is monitored by the committee. So don't worry, just enjoy your shopping at Sanoya!

Mascot Of The National Pawnshop Committee - Shichimaru!!

Let's become friend with Shichimaru!

Profile of Shichimaru (しちまる)
Name:  Shichimaru
Birth date:  8th July
Gender:  Male
Personality:   Bright, happy, curious, talkative
Interest:   Sumo and Japanese Festival
Color:  Blue color (Look at his shirt!!)
(Rumors say that you will get good luck if you can see his belly button under his shirt, oops >o<)

Sanoya will also participate in the "Ikebukuro Pawnshop Festival in Sunshine City Ikebukuro"!!

Because of the variety of selection and professional appraisal skills, Sanoya is supported and loved by people who live in Otsuka and in Tokyo. They also take their communication with customers very seriously, it can even be said that they have given a new value of "Re-Use" to used goods.

If you will visit Japan at the end of June, please go to visit the "Ikebukuro Pawnshop Festival in Sunshine City Ikebukuro".  If you will visit Japan in some other time, don't worry, Sanoya is a good choice for you to visit too!!

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Basic Info
Address3-33-9 Kita-Otsuka, Toshima Ku, Tokyo, Japan
StationOtsuka Station
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