Check out the video of the latest cosmetics items with CANMAKE this summer!

Tokyo Shopping 2016.06.23
Secret of the make up of Kimono lady in Asakusa!


You guys have heard of Kimono huh? 
No doubt most of you would like to experience to wear either Kimono or Yukata in summer!

In Japan, summer events such as Fireworks, Matsuri are held! 
In order to make it more enjoyable, 
it is recommended to put on a Yukata and Kimono to join!

Recently, vivid colors and combination is today's trend in Tokyo!
Why don't we put a fancy makeup to match the modern yukata/ Kimono Style!

Let's see...

Natural and three-dimensional.
Highlight items helps building a natural three-dimensional contours, 
gorgeous bright eye makeup show the transparency of skin!
In addition, don't forget the beautiful and colorful nails!

Are you interested?
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