One Stop Shopping Experience! Odakyu Department Store Shinjuku

Tokyo Shopping Mall 2017.07.24
In order to let customers to have the shopping experience, \"A More Efficient Time, A Better Life\", new campaigns are introduced in Odakyu Department Store.

Convenient one-stop shopping experience!

Do you know that Odakyu Department Store is the second largest market player in the department store industry? They are making 93 billions yen per year! Moreover, having the perfect location in Shinjuku, connected to the south exit and west exit of the Shinjuku station, Odakyu hopes to continuously provide their best service and products to their overseas customers!

In addition, Odakyu group has recently introduced the new slogan "Value up". Having the location advantage, Odaykyu hopes to bring their services to another level by enhancing their services and products!

Let us tell you more about this One Stop Shopping Heaven!


As you may have known, TSUMORI CHISATO is a Japanese fashion designer who likes to focus on prints and is said to have a "healthy does of Japanese animation style / bohemian cuteness" in her design.

TSUMORI CHISATO is also focused in opening overseas stores, so you may have seen her shops in other places before. Do you know that there are more than 40 TSUMORI CHISATO stores worldwide now? How about pay a visit to her store in Odakyu Department Store Shinjuku.


MICHAEL KORS is an American fashion designer who created the brand which sells fashion, accessories, jewelry, footwear and fragrance. If you like his style, don't miss this shop.
 A perfect place to shop for women's fashion, shoes, handbags and accessories.  It is said that this is the busiest shop in Tokyo!

-2F- 4℃

  • -2F-  4℃
    -2F- 4℃
    The famous Japanese jewelry store 4℃ is located on the 2nd floor of the main building. If you are looking for your wedding rings or jewelry for your special days, this shop is a good place to visit!
  • -3F- Luria 4℃
    -3F- Luria 4℃
    If you like the jewelry design of 4℃, then you can't miss their accessories section on 3rd floor.  You can find a huge selection of their handbags and accessories here.

-7F- Men's Floor

  • -7F- Men's Shoes & Leather Care
    -7F- Men's Shoes & Leather Care
    Have no idea what to buy? Don't worry, how about a pair of nice leather shoes from a.testoni, CHEANEY, Church's Santoni, Stefano Branchini, Cole Haan etc.?
  • -7F- Made in Japan CYPRIS
    -7F- Made in Japan CYPRIS
    All CYPRIS products are made of Italian leather and made in Japan!
    You can order your custom leather belt here! All materials are made in Japan too. I bet he will be very happy to receive this special and unique present from you!


  • Time to shop
    Time to shop
    Now, visiting the drugstore in Japan is a must-go place for every tourist. If you don't like the crowded drugstores on streets, the MAKE UP SOLUTION on the 2nd floor of main building is the perfect place for you.
  • Sunscreen, a must need item in summer
    Sunscreen, a must need item in summer
    Here, you can find all kinds of sunscreen, no matter you are looking for spray, powder, or lotion types, you can find it right here!
  • SWATi Candles, to taste
    SWATi Candles, to taste
    Candles from 650yen + tax

You can find many different kinds of sports goods on the 1st floor and B1 floor of HALC.

At HALC, you can find the famous Onitsuka Tiger sneakers, NIKE, adidas, asics, THE NORTH FACE+, and the all year round swimming wear section here. This is a perfect place for the sports lovers!!


RIMOWA is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of premium travel and carry-on luggage made of aluminum and polycarbonate. How about getting a new RIMOWA luggage in Japan?

B1 floor of HALC
The luggage that the model is carrying, 113,400yen + tax

Start your trip at Odakyu!?

  • -B2- Lunch box
    -B2- Lunch box
After doing some shopping at Odakyu Department Store, let's hop on the Odakyu Limited Express Romance Car to get to Hakone!!

From Shinjuku station, you can just simply take the Odakyu Limited Express Romance Car to go to Hakone. Hakone is famous for hot springs, so it's the best spot to visit after a shopping day!!

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