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Okinawa Shopping Accessories 2016.08.24
Okinawa Prefecture, a beautiful place in Japan where is surrounded by blue ocean, colorful coral reefs and many kinds of marine life. To enjoy Okinawa, you can walk and relax on the beach in the sunset or even get into the sea to experience all kinds of water sports.

Your Okinawa Memories

If you want to bring home your Okinawa memories, why don't you get something natural and unique that is just for you and your special one.

The legendary star-shaped sands in Okinawa

Actually products made with star-shaped sands are always popular souvenirs in Okinawa.  We heard that this popular souvenir can bring good luck to you and your friends!

Grace Anniversary Design (Onna Shop)

Just like their design, the color tone and design of the shop is also simple and natural.

There is a huge and free parking area outside their shop, you don't have to worry about your rental car. Just take you time and shop!

The most popular Okinawa beef restaurant, Ryukyu no Ushi, is actually very close to Grace Anniversary Design Shop.

Ryukyu no Ushi Onna
Address: 1F, 909-2 Maeganeku, Onna-son Okinawa

About The Shop

Just like their design, the color tone and design of the shop is also simple and natural. Natural light from outside and the music played in store, all create a calm environment for your to shop.

Moreover, each accessory comes with a detailed description. Just use the tablet and you can see the description and price of each product.

If you want to try on the products, just feel free to ask the staff to help you!

Star-shaped sand inlay Jewelries

  • This pendant is one of the hottest item in the shop.

    # drop_a: Pendant with star-shaped sand inlay (necklace not included), 8,640 yen includes tax
  • In the same collection, you can also find couple ring set for yourself and your lover! We heard that the designer had run out new idea, and he suddenly found this new idea when he walked on a beach one day. Then, he decided to use the star-shaped sands in his design!! So this collection is very special to both the designer and the ones who buy it.

    #wish: Star-shaped sands inlay rings, 9,936 yen includes tax
  • In the same collection, you can also find earrings to go with your pendant and rings.

    #drop_b: Earrings, 4,968 yen includes tax per 1 piece

Top 3 Items Recommended By The Designer

  • #1 Streamlined design ring

    #wish: Star-shaped sands inlay rings @ 9,936 yen includes tax
  • #2 Linked pendant necklace

    #bell_a: pendant @ 4,968 yen includes tax
  • #3 Minsah pattern bracelet
    Mixed with the traditional Okinawa's pattern minsah and the modern presentation, this special collection represents the eternal love.

    #colon: bracelet @ 7,128 includes tax
    (Colors: silver, pink and black)

Other Specially Designed Collections

  • Interviewing with the designer, we found out that different colors actually represent different things in his design. Orange represents sunset, light blue represents the blue sky in Okinawa, yellow represents the sun, and pink represents the romance between couples.

    #polka dot: pendant @ 7,560 includes tax
    (Colors: Navy, orange, light blue, pink, yellow, green)
  • Leather bracelet
    Top row: #resort @ 8,856 yen includes tax
    Middle row left: #knoll L size @ 9,936 yen includes tax
    (Colors: black and Pink) Engraving plus 1,080 yen

    Middle row right: #knoll S size @ 8,856 yen includes tax
    (Colors: black and Pink) Engraving plus 1,080 yen

    Bottom row left: #palm @ 8,856 yen includes tax
    (Color: silver)

    Bottom row right: #surf @ 8,856 yen includes tax
    (Colors: silver, pink, black)
  • Simple but stylish rings

    At Grace Anniversary Design Shop, you can find rings with great design like the one with the traditional Okinawa patter minsah.

    For more information about the rings, please click here:

Thinking to get something for her?

You can ask the staff for some advice! You will be able to find something nice and fit her!

If you want to drive to the shop, just simply input the following map code into the GPS system!
Map Code: 206 096 202 4

Something little but filled with your great memories

For those we want to get something more special and bring home your memories, why don't you buy a special jewelry at Grace Anniversary Design Shop where the design and ideas are coming from designers who live in Okinawa!

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See you there! :)
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