Japanese Autumn and Winter Makeup Tutorial With CANMAKE Makeup!

Kanto Shopping 2016.12.01
Some of you may not like the brown color themed makeup even though it is one of the popular ones for the fall and winter season. Actually brown is a color that is very easy to use and handle even by makeup beginners. Today, we will give you a thorough tutorial of creating a perfect makeup for this season! You may change your mind after reading our sharing today.

Natural Brown Or Lovely Brown?

What are the great things about brown color?
As we have mentioned, brown is a color that is very easy to use and handle. Also, it goes well with our skin tone. If you want a natural eye makeup, brown is the perfect color for you!

3 Best Makeup Products from CANMAKE

01. Face Powder
Marshmallow Finish Powder
02. Eye Shadow
Perfect Stylist Eyes
03. Lip Gloss
Your Lip Only Gloss

First Makeup Product

~ Marshmallow Finish Powder ~
The amazing thing about this face powder is that even you don't apply any makeup base, it can still give you a smooth skin just like you have used base and concealer.

Actually two special particles are used in making this face powder. These help soothing the unevenness of our skin. Also, moisturizing materials are used in this powder which keeps your dry skin moisture all day.

Since this face powder is easy to use, it is a very popular item in Japan. It is said that over 100,000 pieces are sold every month in Japan!!
~ Marshmallow Finish Powder ~
Price: 940 yen + tax
Colors: MO, MB and ML
(Color used on model, MO)
SPF26 PA++
Products Details:

Second Makeup Product

~ Perfect Stylist Eyes ~
For our autumn and winter makeup, this product is the most important one actually! The eye shadow set we choose is 02 which contains 5 different colors of brown.

~ Perfect Stylist Eyes ~
Price: 780 yen + tax
Colors: 02, 05, 07, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
(Color used on model, 02)
Products Details:

2 Makeup Styles

Natural Look
01. A -> B -> D, add E as a topping if you want to make it a bit glossy
A is the base color and B is the main color. These colors are similar to our skin and they create a very natural look.
Apply B to create natural shadowing.
Just finish it up with color D which is the liner color.

Glamorous Look
02. A -> C -> D, add E as a topping if you want to make it a bit glossy
A is the base color and C is the other main color.
Just follow the steps, then a more glamorous eye look can be created!!

Cheek Makeup

01. Lovely Blush
Apply blush to your cheek in circles

02. Neat-feeling Blush
Apply to your cheek from center to the back

03. Mature-look Blush
Apply it on higher area of your cheek, just close to the bottom of your eyes

~ Matte and Crystal Cheeks ~
Price: 650yen + tax
Colors: 01, 02, 03, 04
(Color used on model, 03)
Products Details:

Third Makeup Product

~ Your Lip Only Gloss ~
Finally, we want to introduce a magical product to you. This lip gloss is said that the color will change according to the moist of your lips! So everyone has a different and unique lip color!! It is very easy to use and apply. Try it by yourself!

~ Your Lip Only Gloss ~
Price: 650yen + tax
Colors: 01, 02, 03, 04
(Color used on model, 01)
Products Details:

Which Makeup Styles Do You Like?

Natural Autumn and Winter Makeup
A perfect makeup for the autumn. Wear this brown color themed makeup and go to see the beautiful autumn leaves in Japan. Isn't it just perfect?

Makeup for party and date
Lovely look for your date! Your special one must like your beautiful makeup!


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