Beauty+ Fashion! Representing skin care brands in Japan! THE GINZA!

Tokyo Shopping 2017.02.11
Let's see its brilliant play in Paris Fashion Week!









At the highest level of the brand Shiseido




Why people (ladies) from the world are longing to have a set on hands?

With its excellent quality,

ingredients carefully selected through Shiseido's extensive research results, 

and it is MADE IN JAPAN!!!


The ones who are familiar with the fashion and beauty trends worldwide

might already knew...


Our beloved brand 


has met 

another representing brand of Japan in Paris Fashion Week!



  A fashion brand of creative director and designer Morinaga Kunihiko 










You can't help not paying attention to the world-class' stage in Paris Fashion Week!

ANREALAGE as well as THE GINZA in the top trend of fashion!





Here you are!

World-class models and artists from different part of the world

are getting ready at the backstage of Paris Fashion Week!


Yes!! They are using the products of THE GINZA.





We have been loved this brand THE GINZA for so long.

Wanna know more about it, 

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# Cosmetics ♪ FREE GIFT!!! Japan Duty Free Shop in Ginza! Let's go shopping! Excellent Japanese Cosmetics Brand THE GINZA



When ANREALAGE and THE GINZA meet together...


ANREALAGE is a combination of words of " A REAL, UNREAL, AGE."

It is an innovative and creative Japanese fashion brand founded and created by 

fashion designer Kunihiko Morinaga.

A brand to arouse everyone's awareness of the aesthetic of fashion. 


On the other hand,

THE GINZA is a brand formed through extensive research results continuously,

focusing on aesthetic of beauty. 


That is the familiar point of the core concept of two brands. 





ANREALAGE has its shop at one of the trendy areas in Tokyo. 

Black and white looks neat and simple; 


it left us an impressive expression of the non-daily concept. 




Can you feel the atmosphere of the shop?





▲ Oh!  The Japanese fashion pioneer



It is really our pleasure to meet him. 

He is a young fashion designer, graduated at Waseda University.

He wouldn't be at the shop everyday; 

we are pretty lucky to have chance to talk to him and ask him some questions.


Let's see how  

a fashion designer look, think and feel about the brand 






Tiny Interview of ANREALAGE x THE GINZA





Q: On the stage of Paris Fashion Week, what do you think about the different of aesthetic between European, American and Asian countries?


A:  Europeans and Americans pay more attention to physical aesthetics; they like to focus on the physical part of the body. For example, how to highlight the characteristics of women and how to show the most sexy side of women. 

In Japan, they like to focus on the line of the body. Not only the physical shape but also the aesthetics. 

I mostly concentrate on the how the design can fully make the ones who will wear, to think more about their expression on the clothes. 




Q:  What is your impression on THE GINZA?


A: THE GINZA itself has a strong sense of fashion. 

Since it keeps focusing on the ingredients of how to take care skin itself,  I  have been using THE GINZA this brand for a while. It is almost time to buy a new set. 

As THE GINZA is closely related with the fashion,

together with its brand value. 

It is my honor to work with THE GINZA together at the Paris Fashion Week.





Again, let's take a closer look to the products of THE GINZA!





SPF30/PA+++     30,000 yen + tax


Prevent the dangerous UV rays (SPF30 · PA +++). 

It also works well to keep your

skin moisturized and prevent dirt and other chemicals

from entering into your skin. The icing on the cake is 

that the product goes on smoothly and doesn't feel

like there is something caked on your body. 

Feel free to apply it as a base for makeup if necessary. 




25,000yen + tax


Refreshing, absorptive, help contributing to the maintenance of skin. 

Not only applying to the face, body is also recommended. 




180,000 yen + tax


Day and night, 6 weeks of centralized management. 

Skin moisturizing high-performance cream, control the vitality of the skin, infiltration of each cell.


Day Essense: Protect the damage during the day / Night Essense: Creates new healthy skin.



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