Ushering the fall fashion at LUMINE EST Shinjuku

Tokyo Shopping 2015.09.15
Enjoy the real Tokyo Trendy Shopping!

Where is LUMINE EST?

A 9-story fashion building from B2, directly connected to the JR Shinjuku Station East Exit.

There are a lot of shops of men's and ladies' fashion  and restaurants 

in this variety shopping spot 

"LUMINE EST Shinjuku."


  • To eat!
    To eat!
    A long crunchy cream puff! Can you see its "sectional view" from the above picture? By just looking at it, you feel the deliciousness and the crunchiness! Its crunchiness is made by the almonds on the surrounding! What a perfect match with the custard inside. ZAKUZAKU Cream Puff 250 yen 1 piece + tax 1,450 yen 6 pieces + tax
  • To buy!
    To buy!
    NEW, SEXY the concept of "SLY" Are you aiming for a new ultimate sexy image? With your own NEW SEXY image, a brand proposes you a MIX style of casual, boyish and sexy. A variety of taste!
  • To shop!
    To shop!
    Speaking of Japan representative imported goods shop? No doubt it is "PLAZA." Selection of all new discoveries and surprising products from all over the world Sweets, everyday goods cosmetics, and fashion accessories A wide assortment! Nice place to shop!
  • Sweet from all around the world!
    Sweet from all around the world!
    A shop of everything! In particular, a top class store among the Japanese grocery stores! A rich assortment from around the world!
  • Wacky ideas items
    Wacky ideas items
    What is this called? It is "Beer Rich." Dried fruit, herbs and sugar in the bottle. Mix with beer!!! There you are "My beer." This, I think what is it? The name ... "Beer Rich" ??? Dried fruit, it contains and herbs and sugar in the bottle With beer and MIX, yes! My beer can make. Amazing!
  • Staff recommendation!  Sold in PLAZA only!
    Staff recommendation! Sold in PLAZA only!
    If you find sticker of "Only at PLAZA" at the cosmetics corner, that is the limited edition!!! Something different from the standard one!!! Indeed, staff recommendation! Foam cleansing 2,980 yen + TAX
  • USB Lipstick?
    USB Lipstick?
    Actually, this is mobile battery!! It is used for charging our phone! 3,200 yen + TAX

Go to B1 floor or 6F for TAX FREE service!

A stylish and delicious "LUMINE EST Shinjuku

directly and conveniently connected to JR Shinjuku Station!

Address:  3-38-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-kun, Tokyo

Tel: 03-5269-1111

Open Hours: 11:00 to 22:00 (weekdays)

10:30 to 22:00 (Saturday, Sunday and holidays)

Restaurant: 11:00 to 23:00


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Basic Info
NameLUMINE EST Shinjuku
Address3-38-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-kun, Tokyo
StationShinjuku Station
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