HOW TO Series~ 2017 Spring Beauty Makeup

Tokyo Shopping 2017.04.17
CANMAKE essential makeup items!

# Japanese cosmetics ♪ HOW TO Series~ 2017 Spring Beauty Makeup

Let's welcome the new season!
April is also a new month for a new academic term/ semester in Japan!

2017 Spring Beauty Makeup 
♪Essential items♪

1.  Wink Glow Eyes ウィンクグロウアイズ
 2. Lasting Liquid Liner ラスティングリキッドライナー
3. Cream Cheek クリームチーク
4.  Stay-On Balm Rouge T ステイオンバームルージュ T


1. Wink Glow Eyes ウィンクグロウアイズ

[Simple and easy to use: creamy eye shadow]
It will be available to find it in April 2017. 
Standard brown to use in general,
elegant pink and romantic purple.

Just slightly apply a thin layer, 
well-fit your skin and apparently present the color.
Good for makeup beginners. 

★ Product information
Wink Glow Eyes ウィンクグロウアイズ
Color: 3 colors
# 01 テラコッタブラウン - Brown
# 02 サクラモーヴ - Sakura Pink
# 03 ロマンティックオーロラ  - Romantic aurora Purple  (Limited color)
Price:  500 yen each + TAX


Tube-type is easy to control the amount used

First, squeeze a certain amount on the back of the hand (about a rice grain size)
use your index finger to apply it on your eyelids. 
In order to create a sense of gradual, 
apply one more thin layer on top near the area to the eyelash.
  • Characteristic ① Excellent appearing color
    Characteristic ① Excellent appearing color
    # 01 テラコッタブラウン - Brown   ~How natural~

    Just one layer is not very abrupt to present a natural makeup 
    The pearl-like shinny part helps the whole makeup to enhance another level.
  • Characteristic ② Well-fit
    Characteristic ② Well-fit
    Moist creamy eye shadow
    Difficult to be worn off
  • Characteristic ③ Easy to create a natural beauty gradient layer
    Characteristic ③ Easy to create a natural beauty gradient layer
    Layers on top

    Yes! Just this one item to create a sense of gradient layer!
    Save more money! lol
    Convenient and highly recommended!

2. Lasting Liquid Liner ラスティングリキッドライナー

[Even beginners can also draw a neat eye line]

You can draw 0.1 mm thin eye line with this eyeliner,
even you are a makeup beginner.
There are two colors:
black and brown.

★ Product information
Lasting Liquid Liner ラスティングリキッドライナー
Color: 2 colors
# 01 ブラック - Black
# 02 ビターチョコブラウン - Bitter Chocolate Brown
Price: 900 yen each + TAX
    Draw the eye line from the upper end of your eye! Done!

    Want your eyes look more thriving?
    Use it to fill the gap between the in-between of the eyelashes. 
    Thin and detailed.
    Last, draw the line extend the line of the upper corner of the eyes.
  • Characteristic ①  Easy to use
    Characteristic ① Easy to use
    # 01 ブラック - Black

    Not only the standard and functional black and brown color, 
    but also it is easy to draw a 0.1 mm thin line.
  • Characteristic ②  Multi-function
    Characteristic ② Multi-function
    Beside the function of quick-drying and stable and apparent color, 
    this eyeliner also contains cosmetic ingredients
    to decrease the excess stimulation to the surrounding skin. 
    Waterproof and stands up to water, sweat, sebum,and rubbing,
    But easy to wear off with warm water.

3. Cream Cheek クリームチーク

[Well-fit Creamy Blush]

well-fit than the powder one

You know what? 
This is one of the popular items in CANMAKE!
And you know what?
A new spring is born!
This time we use  #15 color. 
Easy matching!

★ Product information
Cream Cheek クリームチーク
Color: #15 アンティークミルクローズ - antique milk rose
Price: 580 yen + TAX


Use your fingertip to dip the color

Use your fingertip to dip the color and apply it on the cheek 
to finish the make up!

▶ CUTE: Draw a circle with the cheek color to apply the blush
▶ NATURAL: Apply the blush on the bottom part of the eyes
▶ LOVELY: Draw an oval on the upper part of the cheek to apply the blush
Characteristic ① 
Well-fit to the skin  (# 15 color )

Why we like this product?
It melts into your skin, revising your complexion to make it look as though it has been lit from within, and lasts for hours and hours. 

Characteristic ②
A variety of colors

Other than the pink color series, 
there are also red and orange colors.
You would definitely find the color to match your skin color. 

4. Stay-On Balm Rouge T ステイオンバームルージュ T

[Multi-function lipstick]
Unwearable color 

New items will be released this April.
Moisturizing lipstick with staying power and UV-reducing effect. 

★Product information
Stay-On Balm Rouge T ステイオンバームルージュ T
Color: 3 colors
# T01 リトルアネモネ  - Little anemone
# T02 ハッピーチューリップ - happy tulip
# T03 ルビーカーネーション - Ruby Carnation
Price: 580 yen each + TAX


Apply averagely  (# T02 color)

Not a high tone color
but a thin layer is already giving an apparent impression!
That is the main point of the spring trend in 2017.

Slightly hold it up with a small angle while applying. 
It is easier to use.
  • Characteristic ①
    Excellent Color

    Pursuit of beauty. 
    Recommended to you.
    Hard to worn out. 
    Just reapply a thin layer after dinner.
    How convenient!
  • Characteristic ②
    Multi-functional beauty products

    Apparent color, anti-UV 
    and contains moisturizing ingredients for your perfect lips
  • From left to right 
    #T01 #T02 #T03

    Bright pink orange, transparent pink, lively red, 
    All are easy to use it in different occasions.

*JAPAN MAKEUP TIPS* 2017 Spring Beauty Makeup

This time, we have used new items from CANMAKE 
to challenge the Spring makeup!

Let's have a spring makeup with CANMAKE
going for a date or 
chasing your dream.

Nice and reasonable items 
which one is most impressed to you?

Let's give it a try!


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