TOP THINGS TO DO ★ Find your watches in Tokyo Shibuya @ Houseki Hiroba(宝石広場)

Tokyo Shopping 2017.04.25
More than 5,000 fine watches and precious diamond associated goods.
Shibuya is the birthplace of young Japanese fashion.  In Shibuya, fresh trend of goods is always able to arouse people's shopping desire.

Today, we are going to introduce a shop dedicated to selling fine watches "HOUSEKI HIROBA". There are about 5,000 pieces of fine watches and precious diamond associated items.
NEW items, USED items, Second-handed items and imported items are all available. 
The price is relatively inexpensive.
  • MUST- CHECK 1 ~ Wide variety of watches
    MUST- CHECK 1 ~ Wide variety of watches
    SEIKO, Franck Muller, IWC, Panerai Luminor, Patek Phillippe, both Japanese and overseas watches are gathered here. Men's classic models to satisfy businessmen' success and trendy ladies' models to meet the needs of fashionable ladies.  Individual brands have limited cooperation products as well.
  • MUST- CHECK 2 ~ Comparison of the new and old of the same brand
    MUST- CHECK 2 ~ Comparison of the new and old of the same brand
    At HOUSEKI HIROBA, it is fun to check the new and old style of the same brand together. 
    Such as Rolex longevity series "EXPLORER." The left is the recent style, the third generation of EXPLORER; the right is the 1965 production of antique arrows EXPLORER. Because it is rare to find the old model, so it is much more higher price than the recent model. And it is difficulit to find within Japan.
  • MUST-CHECK 3 - Enjoy Tax-free
    MUST-CHECK 3 - Enjoy Tax-free
    At HOUSEKI HIROBA, you can buy watches and jewelery below the market price.
    Of course, you could enjoy the 8% tax free here!
    There is no reasons of not enjoying this favor here especially a shopping of biggger amount.

Come to HOUSEKI HIROBA to bring your favorite home!

Plenty of choices, prices, and models, 
see what will fulfill your dream!

More than 5000 pieces of goods, there is always a one for you.
If you have chance go shopping in Shibuya, drop by and take a look then!

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