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Tokyo Shopping 2017.04.25
A 100-yen wonderland in the middle of traditional Asakusa.

JAPAN 100yen shop DAISO

You can not miss this popular Tokyo sightseeing spot, Asakusa.
It retains the style of Edo period. Besides, Kaminarimon Gate, the symbol of Asakusa,, and the bustling shopping street Nakamise-dori, we came across a largest shopping center called ROX. Today, we would like to show you the 100yen shop DAISO on the 4F of ROX.

Most of the items found here are daily necessities, groceries and food are 100 yen. Sometimes, a little bit high-quality items are 200 and 300 yen. Please check before heading to cashier.


  • MUST-CHECK 1 ~ Numbered columns and items
    MUST-CHECK 1 ~ Numbered columns and items
    There must be a lot for you to see in 100 yen shop!
    In order to make your shopping more efficient, all items and columns are labeled with numbers. 
    So that you can check and find items you need easily.
  • MUST-CHECK 2 ~ Reasonable cost performance
    MUST-CHECK 2 ~ Reasonable cost performance
    Most of the items sold here are much inexpensive than the ones in supermarket, though there are sales sometimes in supermarket. Food products have various types here, which provide choices to everyone.
  • MUST-CHECK 3~ Original brand ~ DAISO SELECT
    MUST-CHECK 3~ Original brand ~ DAISO SELECT
    Please pay attention to DAISO' s original brand  "DAISO SELECT"
    We highly recommend miso soup and chocolate.

Japanese souvenir!

You could find a lot of Japanese souvenirs in most of the Daiso shops.
Here the one in Asaskusa ROX, you could see more unique and traditional Japanese items than other shops. In addtion, items with Japanese patterns and elements are highly recommended!

DAISO Asakusa ROX shop
OPEN HOUR: 10:30-21:00

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Basic Info
AddressAsakusa ROX 4F, Asakusa 1-25-15, Taito-ku, Tokyo
StationAsakusa Station
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