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Tokyo Shopping 2015.09.28
Give most conventional diets the boot and boost your new healthy lifestyle by enjoying an extremely convenient and delicious smoothie. Raw food enzymes x super food (smoothie) provides you with all the necessary vitamins and minerals to get your day moving!

Shake things up!

Equally as important as what we do with our bodies is what we put into them.

 Make sure you start your days off right with the Raw food enzymes x super food (smoothie)

created by Beaute et Sante Laboratories:  

     Capacity: 200g ,  Price: 3,066 yen (tax included) 

Where to buy: 

(Most of the drug stores in Tokyo) - Matsumoto Kiyoshi Ginza 5-chome - 

Don Quixote Ginza / Roppongi -Kokumin Tokyo Station GRANROOF /

Akihaba -Cocokarafine Asakusa / West Shinjuku / Kichijoji

  • The possibilities from having a powder form shake are endless

    But let's browse through a couple methods of preparation.

    Basically you may use with water, soy milk, milk or yogurt, even your favorite juice!

    Make use of your own creativity, and don't forget to eat nutritiously. 

    If you are still looking for a way to diet, 

    this is one you might want to stick with!

    Easy to drink, taste good, and nutritious. 

    And the best part is it's good for your health!

  • Make~a~shake

    Use the provided spoon to

    pour in 3 teaspoons of the powder.

    As delicious as it tastes, please resist the urge to use more.

  • In order to maintain a good balance of flavor and consistency,

    Pour 200 ml of water for every 3 teaspoons of shake powder.

  • ♪♪Shake it like a Polaroid picture!♪♪

      And last but not least, ENJOY!

    Add your favorite milk/soy milk/ fruits into the mix for extra flavor.

  • And last but not least, ENJOY!

    You can enjoy your shake as is, or really let your creative juices flow.

  • Add your favorite milk/soy milk/ fruits into the mix for extra flavor.

  • Recently, acai bowls have gained popularity in Japan!

    What if we made an acai bowl with the smoothie mix?

    A new super-healthy diet recipe is born, together with chia seed and acai berries.


Healthy Alternatives
Healthy Alternatives

What if you are still too lazy to make a fruit smoothie?

No problem, there's also the tablet version!

Just like the supplement, 1 or 2 tablets each day!


We all know Rome was not built in a day, but the same is true for physical health!

The smoothie we share with you today would be a great help in your busy life!


What are you waiting for? Go and pick yours up today!

Check out the full story here!↓

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