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Tokyo Shopping 2017.06.22
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Ginza Mitsukoshi
Ginza Mitsukoshi

Masterpieces Within Ginzas Mitsukoshi Mens

Many people come to Japan wanting to buy "Made in Japan" products. Ginza Mitsukoshi, a high-end department store in Ginza, has three special Japanese brands in particular.
Today, we would like to introduce the Japanese craftsmen who by using traditional technology, "the highest quality" of the leather products brand "MORPHO" was made. The Morpho is valued as the world's most beautiful butterfly due to its shining blue wings ✨Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ✨ Within "MORPHO" are two brands "CYPRIS" (which is also a STUNNING butterfly) and "Neu interesse" at Ginza Mitsukoshi. The combination of love, craftsmanship, and tradition is hard to find nowadays. So indulge in some "Made in Japan" talent.

About the MORPHO Brand Line

  • Functional Classic Leather
    Functional Classic Leather
    Being the flagship of the MORPHO brand, CYPRIS magnifies and surpasses the essential values that can be used for life.
  • A NEW Type of Interest
    A NEW Type of Interest
    Neu interesse
    Taken from the German language, Neu meaning "new" and interesse "interest", its products are made specially by using new and renovated manufacturing methods for those wanting something less simple (but still sophisticated).
  • Not Just Wallets
    Not Just Wallets
    For those of you who are new to Neu interesse, there is a lineup of purses, bags, and other small items with the main design, including a combination of black and red, a symbol of racing, incorporating the racing flag pattern (plaid)!

Something for Everyone

For those who are looking for something specifically "Made in Japan", we recommend the brand CYPRIS. While those who still appreciate the distinguished part of Japanese virtuosity, we reccomend Neu interesse. Regardless of what your personal style might be though, the unique craftmanship of MORPHO will surly catch your eye.    

"As a leather fashion goods professional, MORPHO will continue to serve as a bridge between users and craftsman, delivering wonderful products that are a cut above." 

Store opening hours: 10:30AM to 8:00PM
--From Ginza Station: there are many different exits you could take to leave the station, but the closest ones would be either Exit A7 or Exit A8.
--From Ginza-ichomei Station: exit Exit 9, and it's about a 5 minute walk straight ahead (towards Ginza Station).
--From JR Yurakucho Station: Yurakucho is very close and a beautiful place as well, if coming from there it's roughly a 10 minute walk from the Central Exit/Ginza Exit.

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Address4-6-16 Ginza, Chuo-ku Tokyo
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