TOKYO SHOPPING★ A 94-year second-hand boutiques SANOYA

Tokyo Shopping 2017.07.11
Pawn Shop

SANOYA (佐野屋) Near JR Yamanote Line Otsuka Station

SANOYA is one of the trusted brand!
Having 94-year history, 
a wealth of experience of brand business!
A forefront in Japan!

Sanoya has 9 stores
Main store, Ekimae store (in front of the station), jewelry J & B, Sanoya J & B, Boutique J & B, Bargain Hall, in front of Depotvent station, and LV Monogram Hall PLUS!

Come with us and get rid of your subjective impression to pawn shop!


  • A variety of brand products
    A variety of brand products
    Gathering most of the world brand products, 
    such as LV, Coach, BOTTEGA VENETTA. 
  • LV Monogram Hall PLUS
    LV Monogram Hall PLUS
    ALL LV products! 
    Let's image!
    Over 1000 LV items are in front of you.
  • Description of Product Level
    Description of Product Level
    Sanoya goods are basically divided into 5 levels

    From N to S level are the levels of the (unused) excellent merchandise
    A to C are the Second Hand from Good to Poor condition

SANOYA, Shopping Paradise

Trusted brand of this classic store
Experience a different "quality" of shopping time in pawn shop in Japan!

Free Wi-Fi, free charging service, free snacks and drinks!
Credit card payment is available (VISA, MASTERCARD, UnionPay) 
Of course tax free is available.

Beside LV items,  a variety of brand of handbags and various small items, 
vintage items of the 80's, and Hermes are available.

If you come to Tokyo,
and have chance taking JR Yamanote line,
just stop by Otsuka and have a look at SANOYA then!

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