UNIQLOs Sister Brand GU★A Fashion Store in Ginza That Wont Break the Bank

Tokyo Shopping 2017.06.22

A Casual Fashion-forward Shop in Tokyo

The globalization and knowldge of the Japanese retail store UNIQLO to this day is growing. From Oxford Street in the UK to the SM Megamall in Mandaluyong, Philippines, you can find a UNIQLO! HOWEVER! What you can't find in those places is it's sister brand store, and that brand store goes by the name GU. Pronounced just as if you were saying the letters 'G' and 'U', meaning "freedom" in Japanese (自由 "Jiyuu"), this store is currently ONLY in Japan. What is great about the Ginza store in particular isn't the location (although that really is great!), it's the fact that it's the BIGGEST GU store in Japan; sitting on 16,145 ft2 (1,500m2) land and has 5 floors! To add more bang for your buck, you can get tax free if you show your passport! Not having to pay tax is ALWAYS an added bonus when traveling ;) 

The Greatness of GU

  • The Lowest Discount Area
    The Lowest Discount Area
    The GU Ginza Store has a special "PRICE DOWN AREA". The price offered here is the lowest price for the entire GU market! In typical Japan fashion, quality and longevity protection and priority is a given. Japan really takes those two things seriously, so don't let the cheap price fool or worry you. Rest assured everything was made we love and care. SO BARGAIN HUNT AWAY!
  • Limited Retail Available!
    Limited Retail Available!
    There are 4 main vessels in Japan, and GU Ginza is one of them (the others are in Ikebukuro, Shinsaibashi, and Osaka)!! So that means you get the chance to look at specialty items that you wouldn't otherwise if you were to go to a different branch store.
  • Easy Shopping
    Easy Shopping
    Something different yet nice about Japanese clerks is that they don't hound you, but they're always ready and there to help you with anything big or small. GU Ginza is no different. Infact, GU Ginza's clerks are always smiling and are so genuine, it makes you almost want to ask for assistance. 

#1 High-class Shopping District

As some of you may know, Ginza is known as Tokyo's number one high-class shopping district. However it isn't just all luxury brand shops and boutiques, there are many more places to explore! For instance Ginza's "Pedestrian Paradise", which is the oldest pedestrian paradise in Tokyo dating back to 1970. There's also the Sony Building for those interested in technology! So even though, there are GUs all over Japan, none that are in a place like Ginza. So go out and take advantage of that...because why not? 

Shop Information 
GU Ginza Shop
Business Hours: 11: 00-9: 00pm daily
GU Official Website: http://www.gu-japan.com/

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Basic Info
Address5-7-7 Ginza, Chuo-ku Tokyo
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