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HOW TO create a Slim Face during makeup.

Aiming for a slim face?

Spring has gone!
Summer comes!
From fashion to hairstyle, 
let's have a lighter look!

Not physically to make a slim face, 
but a make up in order to make your face look slimmer naturally.

Wanna create a more beautiful facial lines and slimmer face?
Check it out with us!!
Our HOW TO series using CANMAKE^^

♥Recommended item for slim face♥ Color Stick Moist Lasting Cover

You might think,
wanna create a more beautiful and clear outline of makeup, 
 highlights and shadows are more important?

CANMAKE has this magical concealer stick!
Not only having the original concealer function, 
but also highlighting effect!

★Color Stick Moist Lasting Cover
580 yen + tax
6 colors
[01] Yellow Beige
[02] Natural Beige
[03] Beige Ocher
[04] Apricot
[05] Yellow Gold
[06] Natural Ocher
Click for more detail
*Available at all drug stores throughout Japan

Three steps of covering & slim face makeup

Before starting the slim face makeup, 
to remind you that 
this concealer stick (Color Stick Moist Lasting Cover)
has to be used before applying foundation. 

STEP 1 ♥Outstanding coverage ♥ *used as a concealer

Dark circles, reddening, freckles, acne and other skin problems and dull skin!
Let see how this concealer sticker (Color Stick Moist Lasting Cover) 
will solve each problem!
  • →COVERING 1:
Dark Circles
    →COVERING 1: Dark Circles
    Believing that many people would try to find a brighter color to cover the darker part, that might be an example of misuse. 
    Instead of color, color darker than the skin tone is more suitable to be functioned as a concealer. 
    First have a little dip with your finger and gently place on the bottom of the eyes with your hands.
  • →COVERING 2:
Acne scars, blemishes, and age spots
    →COVERING 2: Acne scars, blemishes, and age spots
    If it is to solve the skin problems, 
    it is better to choose the color similar to your skin color, 
    to have a more natural appearance. 

    Have a little dip and place it on the specific idea repeatedly. 
    Don't mix it with the cosmetics,
    try to make it clean and effective.
  • →COVERING 3:
    →COVERING 3: Dullness
    If you have a darker color skin tone or relatively near blue and purple color base, 
    it is better to use a brighter colored concealer. 

    Please noted that skin around the eyes are relatively thin layer.
    We recommend to use a small amount spread to a wide range of area is an important point!
  • 💡Before and after💡
    💡Before and after💡
    In general, concealer is used after applying foundation.
    But this time for the CANMAKE concealer stick (Color Stick Moist Lasting Cover), 
    it is opposite. 
    Honestly, after applying the CANMAKE concealer stick, 
    all the facial problems like skin dullness, dark circles, acne scars, blemishes, and age spots are all being covered!
  • Let's look at its shape designed.
    It is much more easy to apply with this angled cut. 

STEP 2 ♥Fix the face shape♥ *used as a highlighter

After doing the coverage, 
let's go to the second step!
Fix the face shape with the CANMAKE concealer stick (Color Stick Moist Lasting Cover).

Do the highlight on the the T zone, the bottom part under the eyes and the chin. 
※ This step we use color 01 Yellow Beige.
  • 👀Point 1 From the forehead to the tip of the nose
(T zone)
    👀Point 1 From the forehead to the tip of the nose (T zone)
    Do the highlight from the tip of the nose going up and extend to the forehead.
    (T zone)
    This can maximize the effect of the three-dimensional presentation; 
    at the same time, it can doing the coverage along the nose area.
  • 👀Point 2  Inverted triangle on the 2-side of nose
    👀Point 2 Inverted triangle on the 2-side of nose
    Do the Highlight under the eyes in a inverted triangle shape on both sides of nose. 

    Since we have already done the coverage under the eyes, 
    the step of highlighting will make area around the eyes look more brighter.
  • 👀Point 3 Chin
    👀Point 3 Chin
    Do the highlight in oval-shaped on the chin, where is in darker color tone in overall.

    Not only make the whole appearance looks more better,
    but also make the facial features appear more clearly.

STEP 3 ♥ Fix the face shape ♥ *used as a shadow

  • To create a more three-dimensional beauty of the makeup, 
    beside highlighting,  shadowing is also an essential step.
    Through the shadow to achieve the visual effects, 
    to make the shape of your facial part more clear. 

    This time we put the shadow on the both sides of the nose, cheekbones and the appearance of the whole face.
    ※ This step we are using color 04 Apricot.
👀Point 1 Both sides of the nose
Want to make the nose look straight and firm, 
shadowing is an essential step!
If you feel like having a comparative bigger nose, 
appropriate shadowing is recommended.

Simply, do the shadowing wherever you think you wanna make it to be look more outstanding.
  • 👀Point 2  Cheekbones
    👀Point 2 Cheekbones
    Do the shadowing on the cheekbones to reshape/ repair the shape of the face. 
    In the case of angular face shape, like the photo above,
    put the shadow from the cheekbones going up towards the ears.
  • In the case of longer shape, 
    put the shadow from the cheekbones going up towards the ears in a short line.
👀Point 3   Along the chin and hair line
Last one, do the shadow along the chin and hair line.
It can easily to make a slim face effect. 
The point is drawing a line from the ear down to the chin. 

If you are annoying of the problem of double chins, 
you have draw one more line on top of the line along the chin, 
this will be looked more natural. 

Of course, the hair line has a slim face effect too.

DONE!!! A natural slim face!

  • Just 3 steps: coverage, highlight and shadow!
  • Latest make up trend
    Completely Cover Face Make Up (slim face effect)

Last but not least...

One in Three or more of usage by just using CANMAKE concealer stick (Color Stick Moist Lasting Cover).
Let's challenge! 

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