Japanese style interior shop ACTUS

Tokyo Shopping 2017.08.29
Must-visit in Shinjuku!

Japanese style interior shop ACTUS in Shinjuku

Speaking of ACTUS,
we can't miss the topic of "ACTUS STAFF 123 HOMES."
Because of the widespread of the popularity of the book,
ACTUS is then being more famous.
While looking at 123 staffs introducing the interior of their real living,
it feels like we are invited to a home of a high quality of sense. 
This book is very popular in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. 

If you love Nordic interior...
If you wanna take a walk to a high level of interior shop...
ACTUS, the shop right opposite to Shinjuku Isetan Department store is your BEST choice!
  • ▲ ACTUS Charm point No. 1
    ▲ ACTUS Charm point No. 1
    Specialty stores of Nordic interior!

    Full of all kind of Nordic interior and the color of a variety of small items at home!
    Fine furniture from Northern Europe have been imported from abroad for 40 years.
    Not only attracted most of the interior lovers,
    ACTUS can be said that it is not exaggerated a high class interior shop in Japan.
  • Interior/ Grocery shop of Nordic lifestyle
    Interior/ Grocery shop of Nordic lifestyle
    There are items import from all around the world and of course Made in Japan items; 
    items from fashion brand "Ouur" that is popular in lifestyle magazine.
  • Wooden Desk
    Wooden Desk
    You can see the box-like colorful [Ransel]
    Actually, it is a dutch word, means schoolbag.
    ACTUS items are all simple and natural.
    Nice practical design.

    Although recently there are a lot of Nordic style interior shops,
    having 40 years of history, you definitely can it in real!
    Imabari in Ehime, Japan
    Hand towel of skills of craftsmen  of 120 years!
    That is made in Japan brand!
  • Feel like home at SOHOLM CAFE
    Feel like home at SOHOLM CAFE
    Jam using a variety of fruit and vegetable, also honey and sauce. etc. 
    Let's enjoy the atmosphere of the coffee shop at home!

    Enjoy the café atmosphere at home!

People who loves interior!

Say genius, rather a hard worker
a hard worker, rather a passionate person !

Here you can see the staffs who like their job
Come up with a variety of fresh ideas
Try it at their own home.
Lastly, what we wanna say is to live life with your own style of sense!
Don't you wanna try to strive for your own living standard!

Extraordinary sensibility accumulated for 40 years
That is the reason why ACTUS is loved in Japan ~

New discovery in Shinjuku! A good sense of interior store!
Basic Info
NameACTUS Shinjuku
Address1-2F, BYGS Building, 2-19-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku, Tokyo
StationShinjuku 3-chome
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