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Get fashionable and functional eyewear in 30 mins!

JINS first opened in 2001 and it is well known for having fashionable and reasonably priced eyewear. 
JINS is one of the top eyewear stores in Japan👓✨There isn't a Japanese person that doesn't know JINS!
For that reason, JINS opened a new branch store in the fashion-hub Shibuya~ so we wanted to go check it out!!!!

Individual Glasses That You Can ONLY Get at JINS


    To get glasses, you need to see a certified eye doctor, get your eyes checked out, check your vision, find the right glasses, make sure the glasses fit... Could take hours!! Not at JINKS though! Things are so easy. You can get top made Japanese glasses that's perfect for you INSTANTLY! How instantly? 30mins instantly!!

    JINS gets a lot of foreign customers! Especially being in Shibuya, a place that's always on the top of people "MUST VISIT PLACES IN TOKYO". So having multilingual staff is crucial for JINS. Even the eyesight chart is in the roman alphabet!!! It makes things SO much easier!! 

A Wide Range of Glasses at the Shibuya Branch

  • JINS first opened in 2001 and it is well known for having fashionable and reasonably priced eyewear. 
    JINS is one of the top eyewear stores in Japan.

The Merit in Buying Glasses from JINS

One of the main benefits to buying glasses from JINS is its reasonable prices and designs. 

The frames were created by Japanese designers so you are sure to get the latest and most popular fashion.
Such as the round John Lennon style.

Like in other countries, that style is really popular in Japan. so JINS Shibuya Branch has a lot of eyewear in this style.

The Secret to it's Fast Manufacturing

All JINS eyeglasses come with thin aspheric lenses.
They are made to fit your eyes and eyesight perfectly, and you can add special effects to the lens if desired. 


    JINS SCREEN is the MOST popular glasses line at JINS. For an added 5000yen, you can get lenses that protects from the blue light that reflects from our computer and other electronic devises. 
    Best for people for severe dry eyes.
    We've never seen glasses like these before!There's a small cap for you to put water in to keep your eyes moisturized.

    When you buy the glasses you get a dropper for you to add water. All you have to do is open the small cap, drop water in, then close the cap! And your eyes will be feelin great the rest of the day!
    JINS' AIRFRAME glasses are crazy light! You'll probably forget you're even wearing glasses!They're made to fit the face perfectly. Being so light, the frames aren't stiff like other fashion glasses.

Make Quickly

  • When going to Japan or any other country for that matter, buying eyewear may not be the top of your list.
    But actually JINS gets a lot of foreign customers!

    So having multilingual staff is crucial for JINS.
  • Even more, since there are so many foreigners that comes to JINS to buy glasses, JINS changed the eyesight chart to a more user friendly one.

    Japan normally uses circles and you have to say which side of the circle is open (left, right, up, or down). 
    However only at JINS do they do they roman alphabet!!! It makes things SO much easier!! 
  • Normally you have to go through a long process and sometimes multiple places to get prescription glasses.
    But at JINS they do it all right there!
  • Once you get your eyes checked and pick the frames you want, you will be given a number.

    There's a monitor above to let you know when your number is called, how long the wait is, and how many people are waiting!
    By the way, the fastest time they've made the glasses so far is 30 mins!

    Then once it's time to come back to pick up your glasses, you go to the 2nd floor to pay and get them!


  • What if when it's time to check the glasses once they're finished you're wearing contacts?

    Don't fret! There's a sink set up for you!

    There is hand soap, contact solution, a contact case, and paper towels. So you can easily pop your contacts in and out to try out your glasses!

Something to Add to Your Shopping List

The JINS branch in Shibuya fits the famous "Shibuya style" in a way like no other. 
JINS is one of the top fashion eyewear stores in Japanso being so reasonably prices is just too good to be true.

You can easily get awesome fashion glasses for 8000 yen! That's like 80 bucks!!!We've never bought glasses for cheaper than $200!!!

So when you're in Shibuya, be sure to check it out!!!We're positive you'll find some glasses you like👓

 Business hours: 
Mon~Thurs, Sun, Holidays: 11am~9pm / Fri & Sat: 11am~10pm

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Basic Info
NameJINS (Shibuya Branch)
Address31-1 Udagawa-machi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
StationShibuya Station
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