New Balance GINZA with Latest Technology and New Sport Products

Tokyo Shopping Shoes 2017.11.01
New Balance is a well-known sports brand worldwide for more than a hundred year since it was founded. Using excellent material, together with the variety of appearance, it performs a comfort and excellent performance. 
New Balance GINZA  in its Running Theme

Combining designs of the balance in "sports" and "leisure" style, New Balance has become a brand loved by all ages of users all over the world. 
  • Many people travel to Japan, visiting large-scale shopping centers, department stores, outlet malls and stores in most of the bustling street; because most of them might have cheaper prices. 
    On the other hand, if you are concerned and sensitive about the latest trends, we recommend you to go visit some brand speciality stores for the latest, popular, trendy and limited items. 
  • Information of New Balance GINZA 
    11: 00 ~ 20: 00 no fixed holiday
    Official Website
    1・2F Maruito Ginza Daisan building, 3-10-6 Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo
    New Balance GINZA has a runway called STRIDE ID. We recommend to the one who is really looking for a running shoes, try and actually run to see if they are suitable. 
    Just use the original APP to check all the data to see whether it will cause extra burden on your feet while running. 

    Please ask in advance to use the service. 
  • 3D SCAN
    3D SCAN
    Before starting to pick the shoes, it is recommended to use the 3D SCAN to measure your feet. 

    The entire scan takes less than a minute to complete. Then, the staff will explain to you about the data before you go looking for the variety of the shoes, insoles and any models available. 
Create an unique New Balance sports shoes for your own good!!!!
  • On the 2F, it is an area showing all kinds of colors and patterns. 
    Yes!! Create your own New Balance shoes here!!! 
  • In the back of the shoes, you can also have your name (any text) embroidered! Don't you think it is a good idea as a special present!
Not only sports shoes! New Balance also has a variety of fashionanle sportswear!

New Balance is the most well-known of its sports shoes, 
on the other hand, you'd better pay attention on its sportswear as well!
  • Seasonal fashions
  • A variety of sportswear!
New Balance GINZA with latest technology and trendy products

New Balance GINZA opened in June this year, in addition to the use of new technology to help you to buy the ideal sports shoes, you can get to know the seasonal trends and purchase the new products! 

If you have chance visiting Tokyo, you don't wanna miss the chance to experience the well-organized and high-tech services at New Balance Ginza!
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