Classy Burgundy Makeup with Affordable Japanese Cosmetics Brand CANMAKE

Tokyo Shopping 2017.11.30
The Best Bordeaux Makeup Look for Fall 🌹
The Best Bordeaux Makeup Look for Fall ◆
🌹 Seductive and Classy Burgundy Makeup 🌹


In our opinion, burgundy is the ultimate color when it comes to makeup! It's just dark enough to capture that sultry fall mood, but light enough to your playful side! Some may find committing to a deep red color,
which makes burgundy perfect! However there are some that worry about the deepness of burgundy looking gothic.
That's why we turned to pro Japanese makeup line CANMAKE to find out how to wear this seasons shade.

CANMAKE Bordeaux Makeup
Finish Powder

Perfect Stylist Eyes

Lip & Cheek Gel

Candy Wrap Rich Color

Perfect Burgundy Makeup Tutorial 

We wanted to include the Marshmallow Finish Powder because of the the smooth and soft way it leaves your skin. It can be used as foundation, finishing powder, or for touch-ups! What's even best is that there are no additives, instead it contains 10 beautifying agents to prevent you skin from drying out.
These agents are:
Aloe vera leaf extract, rosemary extract, chamomile extract, lemon extract, horse chestnut extract, perilla (shiso) leaf extract, squalane, olive oil, jojoba oil, and grape seed oil.
Furthermore, this powder leaves your skin with a nice matte finish, great for those with an oily T-zone.
Look how well this powder concealed her pores!

Marshmallow Finish Powder
Color used: #MP
Price: 940yen + tax


We understandable one could be hesitant wearing any shade of red around your eyes. 
However, burgundy eyeshadow is probably the best thing to happen! For you curious souls, we got some pro tips on how to make this trend work for you! Below is a step-by-step guide for achieving the perfect burgundy eyeshadow look this fall.
  • Eyeshadow Look Step 1 
    Base Color

    Take the lightest shade and apply it evenly on your eyelid
    and slightly above the eyelid crease.   

  • Eyeshadow Look Step 2 
    Main Color

    Just as you would with another main shade,
    apply the burgundy shade all over your eyelid.
    What's great is you can build the color! 
    *Choose your main color and alternate between 
    the two burgundy shades to play off your mood!

  • Eyeshadow Look Step 3 
    Eyeliner Color

    It's recommended to frame your eyes with a cool dark color.
    That's why we took the dark brown shade
    to naturally line our upper eyelids.
    *For a more dramatic look,
    we recommend black eyeliner. 
    CANMAKE Ultra Fine Lasting Liquid Liner 

  • Eyeshadow Look Step 4 
    Under-eye Accent Color

    Like mentioned earlier, 
    you could alternate the reds to your own style.
    However for this particular look,
    we used the deeper burgundy for the main color,
    and lighter color for and accent color on the lower eyelids.  
    Doing so gives your eyes a gradation look!

  • Then you have your sensual, not too dramatic, burgundy eyeshadow look! 
  • Perfect Stylist Eyes
    Color used: #14 Antique Ruby
    Price: 780yen + tax


As mentioned in the name, this gel formula can be used on your lips or your cheeks! Our favorite way to use it though is as a blush because it melts right into your skin giving your cheeks just the right degree of polish. Just pat your fingers over it to blend, giving you full control over the intensity of the color.

Lip & Cheek Gel
Color used: #06 Dark Plum Sugar
Price: 600yen + tax

STEP 4: Lala Lips

Now for the lips to top everything off💗 This particular one is a high pigmented lip gloss that keeps your lips moisturized and looking divine.
The high pigment color ensures a desired color that does not fade. Furthermore, thanks to the high moisturizing minerals your lips won't get that sticky uneasy feeling that you would with most lip glosses.

Candy Wrap Rich Color
Color used: #03 Ruby Sangria
Price: 650yen + tax 

■ 2017 Beauty Trend Tutorial ■ Bordeaux Makeup with CANMAKE
  • ::Before::
  • ::After::
✿ What cha think?!
  • CANMAKE is a beloved cosmetics brand that prides itself on high beauty at a low price. You don't need to spend thousands to get the look you want. Also burgundy or bordeaux makeup is a great way to mix things up! We are crazy about this bordeaux look, and hopefully you will be too 💓

    CANMAKE items are available in most of the drug stores in Japan!
    But also in many other countries abroad!!!
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