Taking a Look at cord.tokyo- A Volunteer Tour Guide Group Focusing on Making Visitors Happy!

Tokyo Tour Tour 2018.12.21
Helping visitors to Japan have the best possible experience.

Visitors to Japan - the Problems They Face and the Solution

A problem faced by many foreigners today is the overload of information that they face when visiting Tokyo. From the abundant guidebooks to the various sites on the internet, it can be confusing to the normal visitor. With a massive city like Tokyo, this is bound to happen. 
This is where cord.tokyo comes in. By offering to guests of Tokyo Guest House Oji Music Lounge, a local led guided tour to anywhere the guest wishes, it allows for this problem to be solved. What is more, all guided tours from them are free, with the focus on creating fans of Tokyo.


Why I Started cord.tokyo- A Message From the Founder, Keisuke Ishikawa!


7 years ago, I travelled to the US to study abroad and experience a home-stay. After staying with the host family, I came away with the feeling that I wished to become a host father. Due to this I became involved in the guest house business because I felt that looking after guests from foreigner countries when they stay with us is pretty similar to being a host father. While working, I realised something while I interacting with the guests from various countries. When it comes to the daily task of getting around for foreigners, Tokyo can be a difficult place to understand. 

Because of this in order to make people enjoy their stay in Tokyo, I thought that support is necessary and I began to think about what I could do. I then started an interpreter volunteer guided tour! After starting this work and reaching the limit of what I can do by myself, I set out and created the organisation: cord.tokyo!

What Does the Project Mean to the Guides Themselves?

Overall about 30 guides participate in cord.tokyo, all volunteers of course! We asked a few of them what cord.tokyo meant to them, and why they are involved with it. Here's what they said:
Shinya Oguchi
I was introduced to cord.tokyo by a different tour guide, (Makoto Watanabe), and it seemed really interested so I joined! 
Volunteering for cord.tokyo allows me to meet so many different people from different countries as well as learn cultures different from Japan!
I found cord.tokyo via a online volunteering site and thought it was a really amazing project so I joined up!
I can meet so many new people and create many different foreign friends! As well as this, my view of the world also changes and I can learn many different things! 

The Start of a Crowdfunding Project: cord.tokyo – An Association Creating Tokyo Fans by Holding Free Volunteer Tours Needs Your Help! 

On December 10th 2018, cord.tokyo launched a project on Japankuru Funding in order to raise the necessary funds to help them carry on their amazing volunteer guide group! Currently any funds, such as transport costs, are being paid by the founder, Keisuke Ishikawa, which leads to two things, it doesn't really allow it to be done on a large scale, and also limits it to the certain days that it's possible to do the tours. With a goal of 300,000 JPY they have raised just over a third of the total necessary at the time of writing!! 

What are some of the Returns for Backing the Project?


There are many returns that have been prepared for those that help the project raise the money.  Their first one is taking you on a guided tour, with the money raised from this going towards not just your own tour but other tours in the future! Things like transport costs, and food expenses come out of this money so that the tour guides can take you to places that are really enjoyable! 

Another of the returns are special experiences!! cord.tokyo is partnering up with a number of locations in order to take you for a lowered cost, and this is all factored into the price of the return! By backing these types of returns you can go and enjoy things like Kimono wearing sessions or watch traditional japanese sweets being made! 

The last type of return is the donation returns, where this will simply allow you to pay for the next trip or twos costs! While you won't be able to go on the trip, you will allow cord.tokyo to carry on running, helping more and more people discover the true side to Tokyo! 

A Final Message From cord.tokyo


"We hope that you can participate in this campaign and help us achieve our goals. We wish to help people that come to Japan and Tokyo fall in love with the city. By funding this, we will be able to do so much more and help so many other people enjoy Tokyo! We want to create connections with people from all different walks of life, from many differents cultures, and show everyone that Tokyo isn't just the biggest city in the world, it's the best!"

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